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Martina McBride: Short & Sassy Style


Kansas native Martina Marie Schiff McBride (photo to the side) took home the 2003 American Music Award for Favorite Female Artist in Country Music. Known for her powerful and tender renditions of country songs, Martina hairlines are definitely worthy of major headlines. (ABC/FRANK MICELOTTA - all rights reserved.)

Unfortunately Martina has been hardly recognized in the hair world but hopefully that will change with her latest crop.

Martina looked spectacular in her latest choppy bob like style that perfectly framed her face which appears to be a soft heart shape. The side swept bangs magnify her spectacularly blue eyes. Her current hairstyle is a perfect compliment to her waifish figure and definitely plays up her pretty face.

As recently as her 2001 Greatest Hits album (shown to the side), Martina was wearing much longer tresses that had a burgandy hue. The longer tresses were worn swept back off her face which gave her a sharp heart shape compared to the softer shape from the current crop.

The short chop she wore to the 2003 AMA awards, in my opinion, is definitely a much flattering change for this country songbird. Don't get me wrong, I love long hair and I wear long hair myself. However, some people look spectacular in short hair and Martina seems to be one of those lucky ones who can morph back and forth.

Her cover look for her 1997 Emotion Album (shown to the side) was a very short chop that was heavily accented with light blonde highlights and very short bangs that came to a point in the middle of her forehead. The rest of her bangs were tapered to different lengths and brushed lightly to the side of her face.

The look opened up her entire face, which appeared less heart shaped and more square in the pose and again highlighted her famous gorgeous blue eyes.

Martina's current 2003 style is a perfect style for her face shape and body type and is right in style with the current choppy bob look that is still hot. (ABC/FRANK MICELOTTA - all rights reserved.)

Although Martina still has a lot of noticeable creamy vanilla highlights woven into her light chocolate brunette locks, it gives her hair a subtle cookies and cream look, especially in bright sunlight as shown to the side.

Under the darker stage lights Martina's hue appeared to instantly darken and take on a richer chocolate appearance with brilliant highlights that appeared closer to Carmel than vanilla (shown below).

Steal Martina's Look

The beauty of Martina's softly layered face framing medium length bob is that is will work on just about any face shape. Although it is composed of simple and sleek lines it also contains a balance of versatile layers. This ageless style can be both tousled and youthful or classic and contemporary. Take your pick of the image you wish to project and dress according to your vision for this style.

(Photo of Martina McBride by ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/CRAIG SJODIN - all rights reserved.)

As Martina demonstrates with her various styles, a good haircut can definitely soften any strong face shape. This look is especially good for showcasing beautiful eyes and adds instant thickness and fullness to any hair texture from very fine to medium.

This hairstyle could even work on thick hair if the layers are carefully razored and sculpted to prevent too much fullness throughout the crown area.

Work with your stylist to either shorten or lengthen the style slightly to flatter your own face shape. Martina's style appears to have layered edges with chiseled bangs at different graduated lengths swept to one side.

Minimize or maximize the flicky looks by cranking down or up the shattered feel of the end. The flicked ends on Martina's AMA style were most likely created by carefully calculated point cutting with a scissors to create the pieced to perfection look.

Color Counts

Highlights give Martina's hair instant movement and sensuality. Whether your hair is light blonde or coal black, ask your colorist to add appropriate highlights to show off the beautiful layered do. (ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/CRAIG SJODIN)

If you have a natural blue-black base color, highlight with red hues. If you have a light ash based, try light golden chunks on top. A light chocolate brown base like Martina's looks great with the creamy vanilla or a medium golden color.

Style Ideas

Add a texturizing gel to your damp hair and then blow-dry with your fingers to get a completely tousled look. (Martina McBride - ABC/IMAGEDIRECT/KEVIN WINTER)

If you prefer to have a sleek, more sophisticated voluminous look use a softer mousse/gel and a medium sized boar's head round brush. Blow dry with the brush to sculpt the layers. Use the brush to lift and separate the layers directly the air flow from the ends to the roots to get instant lift and movement. Use a medium barrel curling iron or hot rollers to get more definition and volume near the roots.

Alternate your look by using a smaller round brush to get a different or smoother style.

Create the soft flicks with a curling iron or hot rollers. Spray well with hair spray to get appropriate hold.


Martina is an award winning Country singer with a spectacular new face-framing style that is a hot head-turning style. Watch out Meg Ryan. The gently tousled Martina gives new meaning to sultry bedhead.

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All images used in this article were taken at the 30th annual American Music Awards on Monday, January 13th (8:00 - 11:00 pm ET) which aired live from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California on ABC Television Network or from The AMA special was a Dick Clark Production. All images courtesy of ABC/IMAGEDIRECT - all rights reserved.

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