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Lucy Liu's Brand New Short Bob!


Lucy Liu

Over the past ten years working with I have had the great honor to meet many different celebrity hairdressers, colorists, stylists and make-up artists.

One thing that rings true with all of them is the fact that they are fiercely loyal to their celebrities and in many cases, they become part of each others family.

Not only do they work hard together - often into the wee hours of the morning - they play hard. They also take vacations together and hang out at a variety of locations.

Such is the case with Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell who is currently in New York on business before an extended trip to Europe. Having recently wrapped his head hairdressing duties on TV's Commander In Chief, Robert has been hanging out with his longtime client - Lucy Liu.

Robert adores Lucy and is always thrilled for the opportunity to work with her professionally and to spend downtime with her. When I caught up with Robert in New York (at Lucy's) via his phone he was busy making fresh herbs and other goodies in the kitchen for an open house he was appearing at later in the day.

Lucy Liu's Short Bob

He mentioned that he had just cut Lucy's hair into the the latest hair fashion into a classic above-the-shoulders but below-the-chin Bob. Robert who has worked with Lucy on Charlie's Angels and Lucky Number Slevin (to name just a few of their hair collaborations) graciously explained how he created Lucy's hot new short Bob.

Although Robert is "not normally a fan of a razor", he explained that because "Lucy loves razor cuts", he used a "very very sharp" razor to create "a very rough, very textured edge". He also created a "classic bob line which is short to long". Robert elaborated on this line telling me "that he cut the nape very short" and then the hair was short to long throughout the rest of the Bob.

I teased Robert about the fact that he used a razor because we recently had a conversation about his preference to cut short styles with his favorite shears. Yes, he agreed, "he doesn't like the razor on a lot of short cuts" because "it can make the ends too paper thin". However, Lucy asked him to use a razor and he did with "really great results".

Robert said that Lucy looks "really great" with her new Bob and he was very pleased with the results.

In the past Robert has told me that Lucy, along with many of his celebrity clients, use his Prawduct hair care products which evolved from his own recipes that he created in his home kitchen.

Robert told me that Lucy, who is currently working on several private projects, wanted something "easy to style and care for on with her busy lifestyle". Shortly she will be getting ready to work on a new film.

With her goals of ease and simplicity in mind, Robert cut the bob so that in effect Lucy can "finger scrunch and air dry". For variety she will use her fingers to "flick up the ends" to give a edgier look.

Pushing for more details Robert gave me all the steps to Lucy's easy style:

Lucy Liu From Charlie's Angel Era With Trademark Long Tresses

1. Shampoo

Lucy starts by washing her hair in lukewarm water with Robert's New Shine Booster Shampoo - which Robert said "she likes even better than the original formula".

2. Condition

Lucy applies the New Shine Booster Conditioner and then rinses well.

3. Towel Blot

Using a thick towel to blot excess moisture, Lucy detangles her tresses and then applies Dream Cream. 4. Finger Pick, Push & Scrunch

Once Lucy has applied the Dream Cream, she lets her hair "air dry" using her fingers to push her damp strands from the ends to the roots to give her new Bob lots of natural texture. Lucy has medium thick strands that have a lot of "bend" which means that scrunching with air-drying will create lots of sexy natural texture.

5. Spray Is Optional

I asked Robert what other products Lucy might use to recreate this style. He said that she will sometimes spritz her air-dried hair with his Rawhold Hairspray to give it a little more finished look.

The beauty of her short new bob is that it is versatile and can be worn scrunched, tousled, slightly flicked or silky and finished.

6. Dress It Up

While Lucy's new short bob haircut is fabulous for her busy but focused lifestyle (pursuing various private projects), she may still be required at times to dress up her Bob for photo ops or strolls down various Red Carpets.

When Lucy wants to dress up her Bob style Robert said "she can skip the finger picking and scrunching to utilize a round boar's bristle brush with her blow dryer to create a more finished and sleeker style". Using the round brush, Lucy can build in instant volume and fullness along the crown.

One way that Lucy can can some great volume along the roots is to utilize Robert's Super Volumizing Tonic.

7. Adding Shine & Glamour

For very special events Lucy can combine a round brush and blow dried look with a few passes with either a curling or flat iron to create different textures.

Robert noted that for a really dressy finish she can add a few drops of his Love That Shine Drops or optionally Love The Shine Spray for instant glisten, shimmer and dazzle.

8. Accessorize

Lucy's sizzling new bob is the perfect length for either the latest headbands or for a silk flower. Robert reported that at his last hair show in LA that "everyone seemed to be wearing either headbands, silk flowers or some type of hair accessory".

Robert confided that one of the very great things about Lucy Liu is that she has fantastic style and self confidence which is a major part of her overall beauty."


You heard the Lucy Liu Bob scoop first here and directly from the mouth of Lucy's Celebrity hairdresser, Robert Hallowell who personally razored Lucy's new style.

The short Bob hairstyle is back in fashion and getting hotter by the minute. One of the great things about a precision cut Bob, as Robert Hallowell so helpfully explained is that it can be a wash and wear style that requires just a good styling cream and some finger flexing to create lots of sexy natural texture.

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