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Long Hair Looks - Straight From The Spring 2000 Runways


I have to confess. I have a spy in the fashion world who calls me with all the latest scoops on what is happening with hair on the Spring and Fall show runways.

Sometimes, my spy will send me photos so that I can share the hair scoops with the Hair Boutique visitors.

My Fashion Spy hit paydirt at the recent Spring fashion shows.

Although straight long hair seems to have passed its heyday, long hair is still popular with many of the fashion designers.

The major difference between the recent Spring fashion shows and last year's show is that the long hair is full of waves, curls, braids, crimps and twists.

The catwalk hair also was very healthy and had lots of movement, softness and shine. The long hair took on romantic overtones which worked in perfect harmony with the gorgeous new fashions that showed a bold illusive quality.

The good news for all of you who have been faithfully growing your hair is that long hair is still hot, but only with a carefully coiffed look.

An interesting new trend spotted on the Spring 2000 runways was the appearance of very long banana curls.

Huh? Banana curls? Well you know, the kind your mom created on your head for those forever embarrassing baby photos.

Long Well Formed Single Curls

The new long single curls were just another part of the "well groomed" look that long haired were wearing on the Spring Fashion runways.

Using a good gel or hair grease like Uncle Bubby's, the hairstylists would mold one long curls that they would gently twist

Although the long well dress single curl was created in a variety of different ways, all of the styles were based on a very clean, very tight and shiny ponytail with hair pulled completely off the front of the face.

In some cases the long banana type of curl was twisted at the end and clasped with a tiny hair jewel or barrette.

Ponytails Still Popular

Ponytails were also quite popular on the Spring catwalks. The difference between the Spring 2000 ponytail and ponytails of past shows was the location the tails were mounted on the model's head.

The side ponytail ala Suzanne Sommers was back in vogue and was spotted on several models.

The Spring 2000 side ponytail look started with a tight crown area and ended in a tightly wrapped tail that nestled down one shoulder. Side ponytails were viewed with either a very tight slicked back crown or a softer crown with bangs. All the ponytails were wrapped at the top by pieces of matching hair.

In some cases side ponytails had long tendrils that would snake down along the cheekbones creating a messy, yet dramatic look.


The Spring 2000 runways continued to spotlight long hair which has morphed from stick straight wisps to fuller, curlier and wavy looks with lots of body. Single long twists or banana curl looks were also popular. Side mounted ponytails also continued to be hot.

Based on the number of models with long looks it appears that long hair will continue to be popular for some time to come in the world of Fashion.

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