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Lierac Paris Fights For Slimmer Waists


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Lierac Paris skincare has pioneered the fight for a slimmer waist with Morpho-Slim Stomach & Waist. Morpho-Slim Stomach & Waist targets many women’s problem areas: the waistline and stomach.

With pregnancy, menopause, and a slower metabolism, many women experience weight gain and lack of firmness in their abdominal area.

These unsightly changes can be stalled and prevented with a topical slimming treatment in addition to healthy nutrition and exercise.

Morpho-Slim Stomach & Waist is the perfect ally.

Formulated with active ingredients, this slimming and firming product aims to block the production of triglycerides, and stimulates the transformation of fat cells into fibroblast-type cells.

Active Ingredients

LIERAC INNOVATION- LIPO-REVERSE (7.5%): A combination of 5% Active Caffeine and 2.5% Glaucine Complex, an exact replica of the original glaucine molecule found in the yellow horned poppy flower.


Image Courtesy of Lierec

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1. Active Caffeine empties the fat cell (apidocyte). 2. Glaucine Complex transforms the fat cell into a fibroblast-type cell. 3. Collagen is produced via the newly formed cell.

The two active ingredients work in synergy to boost their respective properties and actions.

Brown algae extract (1%): • Blocks lipogenesis. 58%* production of triglycerides by fat cells. • Activates abdominal lipolysis regardless of age.

Oat Polysaccharides (4%) • Immediate tightening effect.


Thanks to Lierac’s exclusive Lipo-Reverse complex, MORPHO-SLIM Stomach & Waist helps reduce not only the volume but also the number of fat-storing cells. The stomach is flatter, skin feels firmer and the waist appears re-contoured and refined.

Proven Effectiveness

• 1.31” Average reduction in stomach measurement after 28 days of use* • .58” Average reduction in measurement around the waist after 28 days of use * • 88% Stomach appears flatter*, 97% Firmer skin*, 91% Reduced abdominal fat* • 88% Lost inches around the waistline*

Image Courtesy of Lierec

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*Clinical study with 34 female volunteers aged between 25-50 with a BMI between 23-30 and sagging skin around the stomach.

Volunteers used Morpho-Slim Stomach and Waist for a period of 28 days, twice a day.

Morpho-Slim Stomach & Waist ($52) is available in European Skincare Centers at select locations.

About Lierac Paris

Lierac Paris is manufactured and distributed by Alès Group, USA, a subsidiary of Alès Groupe, headquartered in Bezons, France. Founded by Dr. Cariel, a French physician specializing in corrective cosmetic medicine, Lierac Laboratories have been pioneers in skin repair and correctionoriented phyto-cosmetics since 1975.

All Lierac Paris products are formulated to deliver effectiveness, safety and pleasure of use. Incorporating leading-edge technologies, Lierac Paris products derive their effectiveness from the field of phyto-therapy, using the most active resources of plants combined with the latest innovations in biotechnology.

For more information or to find a local retailer:1.877.5.LIERAC

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