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Leona Lewis' Fab Long Straight Hairstyle With Fierce Fringe


Leona Lewis All rights reserved

Leona Lewis appeared at the premiere of Justin Bieber's new film Never Say Never with a spectacular new hairstyle.

Leona, who has naturally curly hair which has a very tight ringlet pattern, has transitioned to a bone straight hairstyle which extends down to the top of her waist.

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She traded in her previous blonde strands for a rich dark chocolate base highlighted with lighter cocoa and low lighted with hints of dark cherry.

As if her glossy dark chocolate straight tresses weren't gorgeous enough, she added a fierce new fringe which was blunt cut and extended across her entire forehead in a curtain of lush strands.

By adding a blunt straight bang across her forehead Leona showcased her stunning eyes and lips.

Not only are Leona's bangs super shiny, the base of the fringe extends several inches back from the hairline which gives her that fullness throughout.

How To Achieve Leona's Fierce Fringe

Leona Lewis All rights reserved

Leona is letting her eyes do all the talking with her fabulous fringe. They work so well because they open her stunning face up in a beautiful and dramatic way.

When cutting this type of fringe it's important that your hairstylist makes sure to understand how your natural hair falls. Each section of the fringe should be elevated slightly so it will fall naturally into a nice beveled edge along the fringe line.

To create a nice curved shape to the fringe it's important not to leave the corners heavy because this can weigh down the eyes making the fringe look old fashioned rather than high fashion.

The fringe ends should be point cut to soften the line further. A nice curved shape is best.

To achieve the same gorgeous curved fringe as Leona rocks be sure blow dry the area with a round brush. Use the brush to slightly curve the fringe tresses under.

How To Achieve Leona's Long Bone Straight Strands

Leona Lewis All rights reserved

No matter the climate, celebrities like Leona Lewis always look polished and perfect, even in cold, dry temps.

To recreate Leona's long straight strands follow the tips below:

1. Cleanse hair utilizing your favorite technique such as Conditioner Only (CO), Diluted Shampoo (DS), Water Only (WO) or shampoo. 2. Rinse and apply an appropriate rinse out conditioner from the ears down to the ends. 3. Use a hair friendly comb and detangle from the ends to the top of the ears. Remove all tangles. 4. Rinse hair completely and follow with a cool or cold water rinse to seal cuticles and encourage shine. 5. Towel blot to remove excess water. 6. Apply styling cocktail including a leave-in conditioner, mousse, gel or styling cream. Depending on your hair type and texture you may wish to also add a defrisant. 7. Use a small round brush to dry fringe and slightly curve it under at the fringe line. 8. Separate rest of the strands into 2" sections. Work on one section at a time. 9. Dry hair with a 100% boar bristle or a mixed boar and nylon paddle brush. Direct blow dryer air down the hair shaft from the roots to the end to encourage shimmer and shine. 10. Repeat on all the sections until all of your hair is dry. 11. Use a flat iron and glide it over any areas with curls, waves or bend. 12. Allow hair to completely cool. 13. Mist with a light-hold spray to prevent hair from dropping or frizzing. 14. Optionally you may want to apply a drop or two of shine serum to the palms of your hands and glide them over the tops of your finished style.

For extra dazzle glide on a shimmering headband a few inches in front of the base of the fringe.


Leona Lewis unveiled a spectacular new hairstyle trading in her blonde fringe free natural curls for a lush dark chocolate style featuring long straight strands cascading from a soft beveled fringe.

- Revised Publication Date: 12/15/11

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