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Lana Parilla's Short Hairstyle Windfall - Hair Tips & Hair Styling Techniques


Lana Parilla NBC Windfall 2006

David Goldman NBC - All Rights Reserved

NBC TV's new summer series "Windfall" premiered on Thursday, June 8th at 9 pm. While the show is definitely a fun, fluffy summertime treat, it offers lots of interesting new characters to watch.

My first choice of focus was the lovely Lana Parilla who made her entrance as Nina Schaefer in a short sassy bob hairstyle that showed off her gorgeous features and telegraphed a saucy persona. The winning actress obviously has some hair tips and hairstyling tricks up her beautiful sleeves.

The premise of the show is that 19 friends plus a few bizarre strangers, including the pizza delivery lady and a Russian mail order bride, are swirled into a mix where a $386 million lottery is suddenly won.

Although the cast is packed with lots of different characters ala Lost or Invasion, Lana instantly captures attention and not only for her sassy short haircut. Lana's character, Nina, buys the winning ticket that creates overnight millionaires. She also shares a tortured interchange in the rain with her lost college sweetheart (Jason Gedrick) while struggling with her feelings for her hunky husband played by 90210's Luke Perry.

While the concept of the show is how the lives of the winners will change as a result of their new fortune, my initial focus was on the coifs of the primary characters besides Lana. It could prove to be quite a challenge to figure out all the primary characters and their hair habits.

From Spin City To Boomtown To 24

Lana Parilla NBC Windfall 2006

Byron Cohen NBC - All Rights Reserved

Meanwhile, as I acclimate myself to all the various cast members, I chose my first study to be Lana whom I adored on Spin City and for her role in the defunct Boomtown.

Lana is a self professed "Latina" whose Italian mother is a painter and artist and her Puerto Rica father (now deceased) was a professional baseball player.

In her early years growing up in Brooklyn, the 28 year old Cancer (July 15, 1977) made her own home videos linking that period to her current love of acting.

Following her performing dreams right out of high school, Lana moved to LA to pursue a professional career in acting. She first won attention for her role of Angie Ordonez on Spin City opposite Charlie Sheen during the 2000-2001 season. In 2005 she joined the Women of 24 as CTU employee Sarah Gavin who was trying to locate terrorists. Additionally she has performed in a string of notable guest appearances on such shows as Jag and The Shield.

Lana recently won the Imagen Award for Oustanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Teresa Ortiz on "Boomtown" in its debut season. Dedicated to helping refugee children and victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka, Lana currently lives in LA with her two Bengal cats, Stanley and Lenny.

Lana's Short Hair Cut Rocks The Show

Lana Parilla NBC Windfall 2006

Byron Cohen NBC - All Rights Reserved

Lana's presence dominates the show in more ways than one. Her acting is masterful and I for one really believe that she is living a fairytale that is unraveling in slow motion into her worst nightmare. A range of emotions plays over her face at just the right moments as she deals with her lost true love, his wife and her own family.

Showcasing her acting abilities is her short bobbed hair that perfectly frames her beautiful face and dark Latin inspired eyes.

The first thing I noticed about Lana's short bob style cut besides the full sweeping side-swept bangs, the center part and the voluminous crown was how the short cut show off her long neck, flawless skin and jaw line. Indeed, her current short bob hairstyle is a great look for her.

When I went back into my photo files I discovered Lana with chin length or longer hair over the past few years. Her current short cut is a departure from her previous hairstyles. Whether Lana went short for her role or because fashions are turning towards shorter hair is irrelevant. The cut suits not only her face shape, hair type and skin tone, it provides her character with a sensuous soccer mom type of twist.

Steal Lana's Short Bob Look

Lana Parilla & Luke Perry NBC Windfall 2006

Paul Drinkwater NBC - All Rights Reserved

The key to duplicating Lana's short bob look is finding a hairdresser that can give you a precision cut.

It is also important to remember that not everyone can carry this short bob look off. Lana has age, flawless skin, gorgeous eyes and perfectly balanced lips and a nose that work in her hairstyle's favor. She also has a great body type and a very long neck.

Work with your favorite hairdresser and ask them if you can carry off Lana's short bob style. If not, listen to your hairdresser's suggestions. It might be possible to have a similar look that is customized to flatter your own unique face shape and body type. You must also consider hair type and texture. Lana has medium thick hair with some bend and the indication of a slight wave. Which also works with this style.

Step By Step Hairstyling Instructions

Lana Parilla 2003 Long Hair - All Rights Reserved

The key to creating a beautifully finished style is a combination of the right styling products with the right drying procedures. This cut works best for hair that is medium in thickness and naturally straight or with some bend.

Naturally curly or wavy hair may not work as well with this short bob style. When in doubt consult with your trusted hairdresser.

1. Start by washing hair in lukewarm water with shampoo products designed for your hair type, texture and current condition. If you have dry or damaged hair or hair that is chemically processed utilize a product designed for those special needs.

2. When appropriate to your hair's needs, apply a rinse-out conditioner. If your hair is fine or thin or tends to accumulate oils or grease, avoid using a rinse-out conditioner that won't work for your hair. For damaged hair, apply rinse-out conditioners only to the ends or damaged areas. Rinse well.

3. Finished with a cool/cold water rinse to close the cuticle and add natural shine.

4. Apply a defrisant product to create a super smooth finish. For lots of volume at the roots spray a volumizing product right at the roots.

5. For a soft finish, apply a medium hold mousse product, distributing from 1" from the roots to the ends.

Lana Parilla May 2003 With Big Hair - All Rights Reserved

6. Using a medium sized round boar's bristle or similar brush, lift and separate the fringe area first. Blow dry to the desired fullness.

7. Once the fringe area (bangs) is completely dry, work on the rest of the hair.

Wrap sections of hair that are 1 to 2" in thickness around the brush. Direct the air flow from the blow dryer down the shaft of the hair.

Work around the head from side to side building in natural body as you dry.

8. Once your entire head is 100% dry, apply a drop or two of shine serum to the palms of your hands and massage together well.

Lightly work the serum into your finished style to finish. Avoid applying directly to the root area. For additional soft hold, spritz lightly with a soft hairspray.

If any of the sections do not have the desired body, use a medium sized barrel curling iron to add desired movement and fullness.


Lana Parilla is a beautiful and incredibly talented actress who just need to find the right vehicle that she can ride to the top. Here's hoping that she snags a solid new fan base for her work on Windfall and that the series makes it into the Renew category for NBC.

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