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Kimberly Locke: Curly To Straight Tresses


Kimberly Locke on American Idol

Former American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke went through a major hair transformation during her time on the Fox/TV talent show. She went from naturally curly to straight.

Successful people regardless of their career path, have discovered that image can play almost as much a part in achieving success as hard won experience or raw talent.

A classic example of how hair can make or break ultimate success can be viewed on American Idol (AI).

Vocal Chops Are Not The Only Success Factor

If you are a major fan of American Idol, you may have already noticed that great vocal chops are definitely not the only thing needed to win the highly sought after title.

Great hair, or lack of it, can definitely be linked to those that make it to the top of Idol and those that get the boot along the way.

American Idol celebrity hairdresser, Dean Baneowetz, works closely with the contestants once they make it to the final twelve. Note: Dean Baneowetz has since left the AI hairstyling team.

At that critical point in the contest, Baneowetz would help the budding singers with custom hair makeovers that provide polish and pizazz.

Kimberly Locke American Idol After Hair Straightening

Baneowetz has commented to the media in the past that "a good hairstyle can change the direction of the contest".

Kimberly Locke

One major hair transformation was Kimberly Locke (January 3, 1978) who had super kinky, naturally curly hair on American Idol. After she made it into the AI finals Baneowetz straightened her tresses with a chemical treatment.

Note: Kimberly finished third behind winner Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. She has been back on the show in Seasons 3 & 7 to perform.

Banowetz recalled. "It was a huge transition for Kimberly and she came up to me afterwards and said, 'I look good and I feel so sexy about myself,' and the confidence level is hugely important."

Banowetz believes that changing Kimberly from her kinky natural curls to straight locks made a big difference in her ability to hang on into the final three with Ruben.

Judge for yourself. Do you agree or not? Whatever the case, the proof was in the hair straightening chemicals.

Kimberly definitely hung in there long and hard. Yes, she had a great voice, but her evolving image wowed the judges as well.

Kimberly's Career Since American Idol

Since American Idol Kimberly has continued to advance her performance career. In 2007 the talented singer garnered media attention for her participation in Celebrity Fit Club.

Locke is a co-host of a daytime show tentatively called The Revolution which is scheduled to air in January 2012 on ABC.


Kimberly Locke May, 2011

Apparently Kimberly enjoys her hair straightened. Since it was done by Banowetz, Kimberly has maintained it straight. As of May 2011 Kimberly still had straightened sleek strands.

Never forget that great hair does make a huge difference in achieving many of life's goals.

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