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Ken Paves' Beverly Hills Hair Salon


Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves

Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved

The extent to which Hollywood Hairdresser Ken Paves follows his dreams to manifestation is awe inspiring.

Over the past four years Ken and I have shared countless snippets of abbreviated phone conversations, IMs and emails. I have also spent a total of eight days in the same city with him which provided me with literally hundreds of pages of notes.

They say that the writer's job is to be a fly on the wall and simply observe. While I agree with the fly on the wall part, the simple part is not true in my reality. Watching is one thing, understanding in a whole new ballgame.

Do I understand Ken Paves? Maybe. I certainly have dedicated years to trying.

One thing is for certain. When Kenney Paves says he is going to do something, I have no doubt that he will. While the timing may be unclear, I know that the event will always happen. I can count on that like I can count on blistering heat in Dallas in July.

Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Front Entrance June 2006

Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved

So it was no surprise to me earlier this year when Kenney confided that he had acquired a hair salon in Beverly Hills right down the street from the famous Ivy Restaurant - a well documented celebrity favorite.

Ken also promised me that his Beverly Hills salon would be "exquisite" and that like his Clinton Township Salon (Detroit, Michigan), he would personally handpick every fixture, doorknob and station in the entire salon.

Having viewed detailed photos of his finished design of his first salon in Michigan (Ken has invited me to stop by and I hope to do so in the future), I had no doubt that he would outdo his previous salon in Beverly Hills.

Besides being a fantastic hair artist, Ken is an incredible designer with an eye for color and fabrics. If he ever decides to give up hair, he would be a world class interior designer.

Sneaking A Peek

Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Front Desk June 2006

Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved

A few weeks ago I hopped a jet for Los Angeles with the express purpose of slipping into my fly-on-the-wall suit and hanging with Kenney for four days. As part of my visit, he promised me a tour of his "secret salon" since it was not officially open to the public yet.

As I approached the salon I noticed that is very similar in appearance to the quaint and romantic French villa look of the Ivy Restaurant. I was immediately taken with the fragrant flowers blooming all along the outside of the charming building.

Two beautiful gleaming glass doors outlined in gorgeous light wood framed the front entrance right off Robertson. Walking through the front door is like walking through a looking glass into an enchanted French country home that is finely appointed with spectacular antique chandeliers, gorgeous light wood walls and authentic light brick floors.

Custom designed aromatherapy candles designed by Kenney are placed throughout the salon emitting a soothing aroma that invites you to sink into one of the richly upholstered chairs for a long stay.

Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Front Entrance June 2006

Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved

Forgetting that I was in an actual salon I was taken by the dizzying array of priceless antique pieces that composed the actual hairstyling stations. Across the ceiling are artfully positioned skylights that inject light and airy California attitude into the elegant French country chic.

The salon extends through three main areas that all blend seamlessly while holding their own character and energy.

The first floor contains carefully arranged styling stations designed around antique tables, chairs and spectacular mirrors. Leading to the second floor are just a few pristine brick steps gracefully accented with filigree black wrought iron.

The main reception desk is at the top of the second floor bordered on one side by the most charming enclosed restroom and on the other to the shampoo area bordered by rich wood shuttered cabinets on the other side.

Double French style doors lead outside past the ultra modern hair dryer stations into a private open air garden that is totally surrounded by fragrant flowers and bordered by a bubbling waterfall.

Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Garden Courtyard June 2006

Courtesy of Ken Paves - All Rights Reserved

Salon guests can relax on a California style sofa bed while enjoying a range of wonderful refreshments from an elegant and priceless antique china service.

In the background is the sound of soothing musical tracks.

The picturesque garden has a retractable roof that is in perfect harmony with every type of California weather - rain or shine.

Everything about this poshly perfect setting is architected to encourage total relaxation and a soothing calm. Tucked away behind spectacular custom designed drapes celebrity clients can leave the hustle and crazy bustle of Hollywood behind while they enjoy the best hair and beauty treatments that Beverly Hills has to offer.

I was so personally enchanted and mesmerized by the serenity and exquisite beauty of the salon that I didn't want to ever leave. Sadly I did have to eventually return to the real world.


Ken's Beverly Hills salon is brilliant beyond pale. Even more important, this quaint and romantic French country inspired salon provides an intimate setting for enjoying all the exclusive pampering and amenities of a five star world class salon while providing much needed soothing for the soul.

To schedule an appointment with Ken Paves or his stellar staff in his new Beverly Hills Salon call (310) 499-7122. The salon is located at 409 Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90048. Please tell them that Karen at sent you.

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