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Karin Wehrman Mitel - Inspired Hair Accessory Designer


Karin Wuhrman Mitel 2008

The first time I caught a glimpse of Karin (pronounced Car In) Wuhrman of Karin's Garden at a major fashion event I was stunned how incredibly young and supermodel gorgeous she was.

I actually first became aware of Karin's line in 2003 when I spotted some of her eye popping designs at Henri Bendel's in New York, which also happens to be my absolute favorite place to shop when I'm in The City.

At that point in time the beautiful Nordic blonde was focused on designing an array of flowers mounted on pins, pens and a variety of hair findings (clips, bobbies, hair sticks and combs).

After I had been buying (and loving) her flower line for awhile she made time to meet with me during a business trip to Dallas.

Over a quiet dinner at Morton's restaurant I confessed to her how much I would love to see her branch out into headbands, head wraps and edgier designs. I also told her how much I loved fur and feather. At the time she smiled a polite but gentle smile and told me she would certainly mull over my feedback.

Karin Wuhrman Mitel 2008

Since that time Karin has blown my mind with the direction she has taken the Karin's Garden line. I recently found a catalog of her designs from the early days, compared it to her 2008 Spring collection and could not believe it was from the same designer.

Karin, who is the founding designer of the Karin's Garden line has turned up her creativity quotient several notches. Unlike like some other accessory "designers" who secretly integrate pieces developed by other designers, Karin designs an accessory from all aspects.

First she does her research to determine pending fashion trends. Once she locks onto the hottest new hues, materials, shapes and patterns, she sits down in her Seattle workroom and sketches out her new line. If that doesn't sound challenging, keep in mind that all accessory designers are working one to two seasons in advance.

Also keep in mind that one Karin commits to a new line, she has to order (and pay for) massive amounts of fabric, findings and other accoutrements.

Tarina Tarantino 9th Annual Flaunt Magazine Toy Drive & Anniversary Bash 12-06-07

She also works with piece workers who hand assemble her designs, in Seattle. Karin is dedicated to having all of her collection pieces made in the USA.

When you select a hair accessory from Karin's Garden, you are receiving a custom designed item painstakingly created by Karin and her team. She doesn't mass produce any of her designs nor does she import from overseas. The designs are made upon receipt of an order from her distributors, like

Karin's collections are wildly popular and has instant appeal to all females in every age group.

Although I adore the direction Karin has taken the line which now includes a spectacular array of feathers.


The Karin's Garden Collection can be found at the best stores around the world including at in The Marketplace.

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