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John Sahag - The Spirit Of Style: The secret to a great look lies in the essence of a cut!


A cut should make you come alive. It is it's essential quality that hints your mood's intentions. "The shape of a cut is almost an extension of your soul" says celebrity hair stylist John Sahag.

"It should capture your personality. It's about feeling. It is personal, "explains Sahag. "Looks are very individualized-it should suit the person's image. Hair is not a mass product. Its spirit should be captured in the final result."

Simple But Modern

"Simple but modern and exciting with an edge....speaks for itself."

John added deep and medium-brown low-lights to Ashley's dark blonde hair to create contrast. (All photos copyright John Sahag).

Ashley's cut is shoulder-length with "chipped" ends. Face-framing layers start at the chin, getting gradually longer towards the shoulder.

To create this style blow-dry using your fingers to style. Spray with John Sahag Air Lift on the ends, pinching them between your fingers to achieve "flippiness,"

For a fabulous shine finish with John Sahag Translucent Shine Spray.

Minimum Styling

"The idea behind the cut is minimum styling effort. A cut that looks like nothing...."

To create Rachel's look John mixed low-lights with a few highlights to show off her layers.

Rachel's cut is very layered all over, with longer lengths around her face, especially on the left side, and in the back. Short layers sit at Rachel's crown.

John explained that " there is no logic to this cut, it purposely look like a next-door neighbor did it, which makes it very beautiful."

To style this look use John Sahag Zero Weight through wet hair to accentuate the layers' movements: blow-dry, using fingers to style. Finish with John Sahag Dry Oil on the ends.

Soft & Easy

"Soft, easy, un-trendy but with a bit of street funk...."

John added copper color all over, with darker pieces interspersed throughout creating a modern contrast for Irina.

Soft, choppy, uneven layers, longer than usual on top, layered from ear to chin creates a feminine, cheeky look.

Spritz John Sahag Air lift to wet roots, blow-dry, using a flat brush to style, especially when sweeping bangs across the forehead.

Spritz John Sahag Air Power on the ends to finish.


"Gamine...kind of tomboyish but very feminine..."

John added fifteen pieces of beige and medium browns strategically throughout Rishnia's hair creating a fresh burst of color.

The cut is nape length, cropped close to the nape with soft chopped ends. Long layers in the front add versatility with short layers on top give height.

To style apply John Sahag No Frizz throughout wet hair, blow-dry using fingers to style.

Finish with John Sahag Dry oil for a sleek look. Spritz with John Sahag Light-Level Invisible Mist for Hold.

Sex Appeal

"Sex appeal is in the cut-it's the flavor that you capture..."

John added dark brown low-lights with 15 pieces of medium to dark brown highlights strategically placed throughout Kris' hair to "create a modern edge that goes hand-in-hand with the cut."

The cut is one-length, with uneven layers snipped throughout, including longer, face-framing layers. The back is cut close to the nape.

John calls this look the "care-free choppy look that brings out Kris' features.

Style this look by combining John Sahag Revitalizing Drops and Zero Weight by rubbing your palms together.

Work through wet hair. Blow-dry, using a diffuser. When hair is 80% dry, spritz with John Sahag Air Power for fullness.


As John has demonstrated, looks are very personal and individualized. "Since hair is definitely not something that can be mass produced it should be designed to suit each person's image and personality".

Note: The thanks John for this fabulous article and gorgeous photos.

More About John Sahag

Australian John Sahag is famous for his integrity as well as his shaggy, uneven cuts which have at various times graced the heads of Angie Harmon, Winona Ryder, and Liv Tyler. Famous for his rock-star, laid-back attitude, Sahag utilizes a dry-cut technique on his customers. His special dry cutting involves first straightening hair and then cutting it and sculpting it before he washes or styles it. John uses a generous amount of styling products from his own line to create the bold yet choppy styles. His salon, which was opened in 1992, incorporated a Zen like design which included lots of leafy plants.

With his customers John is famous for his love of hair, which he calls "fluid matter". He is inspired to create ultimate movement in every styles that he creates.

Cuts and styling with John start at $300. For more information contact John through his salon located at: 425 Madison Ave. Call the salon in New York at: 212-750-7772.

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