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Jessica Simpson Wig Secrets


Jessica Simpson wearing Long and Luscious Wig from HairDo All Rights Reserved.

I have had the privilege of watching the Jessica Simpson HairDo line of add-on hair, clip-in ponytails, bangs and Long and Luscious Wigs develop from the very beginning.

It all started several years back when Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves was working on a way to simplify the way he added hair to the various celebrities he has worked with over the years.

I remember having a phone conversation with Ken where he was watching off some of his hair extension pieces he had created for Jessica by custom dying the hair to perfectly match her current blonde hues. He told me had them drying out in the sun and he was watching them like a hawk.

At that time Ken explained that Jessica, especially when she was appearing at a variety of events in a short span of time would require lots of different hairpieces and clip-in pieces to give her different hairstyle and looks.

Since Ken hand sewed all the various hair pieces for Jessica he had to plan in advance for her different hairstyles.

There was also the issue that when Jessica was on a photo shoot, she might need to cycle through several hairstyle changes which meant Ken didn't have a lot of time to style her hair. He had to depend on pre-styled hair pieces he could pop on and off instantly for required hairstyle changes.

Like most celebrity hairdressers, they don't have a lot of time to style the hair. Speed is of the essence which is why Ken decided that he wanted to take all the secrets he had learned about clip-in hair to the general hair consumer market.

Celebrity Hair Spokesperson For HairUWear

Image Jessica Simpson Wearing HairDo Clip-in Ponytail All Rights Reserved.

Speed forward a few years and Ken had just signed on to be the Celebrity Hair Spokesperson for the famous HairUWear company based in the Midwest.

It was a perfect fit because Ken was a big fan of the Great Lengths human hair extensions (a sister company to HairUWear) and he loved the POP (Put On Pieces).

When Ken joined HairUWear as their celebrity spokesperson he initially worked primarily with the PutOnPieces (POP) line.

From there he joined forces with one of the HairUWear designers, Theresa Lane, and the two of them, in conjunction with Jessica Simpson, worked on the HairDo line which was inspired by Ken's clip-in hair pieces.

Even more importantly, what most consumers may not know, is that Ken, Theresa and Jessica all have a very involved role in the design, development and ultimate creation of the various HairDo lines ranging from the beautiful clip-in human hair and synthetic hair pieces to the recent addition of the clip-on ponytails, bangs and the Long and Luscious Wigs which were showcased in Las Vegas in July of 2009 during the famed Cosmoprof hairdressing show.

Note: A wide range of clip-in ponytails and bangs are available at in the Marketplace.

Jessica Simpson with Short Clip-in HairDo All Rights Reserved.

The inspiration behind Jessica and Ken's latest “Long and Luscious Wig” was tied to Ken, Theresa and Jessica's desired to design and develop a wig that is stylish and beautiful as well as comfortable. Ken is a perfectionist and wanted a wig that really didn't look like a wig.

Ken works with Theresa on many iterations of cutting and styling each piece as it is being developed in the factories using the original designs created by Theresa, Ken and Jessica.

The “Long and Luscious Wig” not only is comfortable, it incorporates many state of the art features which make it a fabulous offering. In fact, it's really a steal. For the price, the design and workmanship is impeccable.

The “Long and Luscious Wig” features stretch bands embedded throughout the back of the wig for an instantly customized fit for each head.

The wig also has a velvet-line front hair line. Lace material has been added to cover the crown area of the wig cap. The comfort factor was addressed with ear tabs to avoid rubbing or pressure on sensitive ears. Special wefts along the back and the nape of the neck also protect.

Like the latest clip-in bangs and ponytails from HairDo, the “Long and Luscious Wig” is heat-friendly. The wig, like the clip-in bangs and ponytails are created with the revolutionary new Tru2Life® synthetic fiber so that it can be heat styled with hot irons, hot rollers or blow dryers with a low to medium heat setting of up to 350 degrees.

Image Jessica Simpson wearing HairDo Clip-in Bangs All Rights Reserved.

The Tru2Life® technology sets the "Long and Luscious Wig" apart from other wig companies because it offers so much versatility to every wig wearer of this model.

Many synthetic wigs from other companies can not be heat styled without potential damage. Not so with the "Long and Luscious Wig."

Ken, Theresa and Jessica wanted to make sure their latest wig allowed hair consumers to heat style and guarantee that the styling would persist.

This latest creation from HairDo is truly a revolutionary design and will last a very long time.

It will also save wear and tear on your real tresses. Instead of subjecting your own hair to constant wear and tear of washing, drying and styling, you can simply tuck your own strands underneath your gorgeous new Jessica Simpson "Long and Luscious Wig."


Ken Paves is constantly searching for new inspiration in the add-on, clip-on hair world. Don't be surprised to see lots of great new offerings in the future.

The stunning Long and Luscious Wig, available in 9 multi-blended, salon-inspired colors, which were developed under the watchful eye of Ken Paves is like buying a custom haircut and hair design from the celebrity hair master himself.

All of the HairDo line is available at in The Marketplace.

For ordering assistance please call our toll-free order line M-F from 9-5 CST or email [email protected] for personalized assistance in selecting your perfect color. If you have questions about the HairDo line please email [email protected].

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