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Jennifer Love Hewitt: Ghostly Waves


Jennifer Love Hewitt was born in Waco, Texas on February 21, 1979. Her life motto is "follow your heart" which she does with sincerity, kindness and true unconditional love.

(Image of Jennifer Love Hewitt - CBS Ghost Whisperer - Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc).

Jennifer has been quoted as saying "I like throwing my hair in a ponytail and just wearing jeans, going on a hike and then eating a big chili-cheeseburger".

Although she has been acting, performing, singing and producing since she was nine years old, Jennifer finds time to collect angels, treasure her friends and never take anything special for granted. She is well-known for her role of Sarah Reeves on Fox TV's Party of Five and spin-off Time Of Your Life. Her films include "I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sister Act 2 and The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan, to name a few.

Following Her Passion

Is it any surprise that Jennifer agreed to star in the new CBS drama "Ghost Whisperer"? It shouldn't be since the gorgeous brunette Pisces star has confessed to the media that this series "drew out my passion".

(Photo of Jennifer Love Hewitt on CBS Ghost Whisperer - Craig Sjodin - Touchstone 2005 Touchstone Television).

It is also based on the real life of Mary Ann Winkowski whom worked with the actress to guide two ghosts hanging around her 1927 house into the light. Jennifer believes that the show is based upon "a fascinating concept", and she is happy that the CBS drama is designed to inspire people to live their lives so that nothing is unfinished or taken for granted.

Although she seems too good to be true, she is "a real sweetheart" according to her longtime celebrity hairdresser, Robert Hallowell who fondly calls the star JLo#2. Others in Movieland simply call her Love, for her middle name. She is famous for her very hard work, dedication to her craft and focus.

Jennifer's Tress Secrets

Robert has confirmed that the brown eyed Jennifer, voted 1999's Teen Choice Award TV Actress and Choice Hottie, has finely textured tresses but she has "lots and lots of hair". Even better, Robert confirmed that Jennifer has the "kind of hair you can do lots with".

(Image of Jennifer Love Hewitt from CBS Ghost Whisperer - Photo by Robert Voets/CBS 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc)

For her turn as ghost buster Melinda Gordon, Jennifer's long, below-the-shoulders, lush chocolate brown locks were coiffed in an array of mixed textures. Ironically, Robert confirmed that Jennifer has "mostly straight strands although they do have a slight bend".

In a few of the scenes her beautiful face and eyes are framed with side swept soft bangs that play up her eyes but blend beautifully into the cascading waves. In other scenes she wears her hair with lots of volume at the roots that softly end in curls.

Steal Jennifer's Wavy Style

Jennifer's wavy style works best if hair is straight, has a very loose curl or natural wave.

(Image of Jennifer Love Hewitt from CBS Ghost Whisperer - Photo by Robert Voets/CBS 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc)

Jennifer has naturally straight strands with a bit of bend. To recreate her look on straight tresses follow these steps graciously provided by her long time celeb hairdresser, Robert Hallowell: 1. Shampoo and condition with products designed for your type, texture, condition and length of hair. Robert confided that Jennifer loves his Robert Hallowell Prawduct - shine booster shampoo and his Prawduct - shine booster conditioner (Currently available at & at fine salons & spas).

2. Finish with a cool/cold rinse to crank up shine and close the cuticle.

3. Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

4. Apply an egg sized puff of gel, mousse, styling cream or similar styling product through damp strands.

Because she like lots of volume for her strands, Jennifer loves Robert's Prawduct - super volumizing tonic. For adding texture to her hair, she prefers his rawhold gel and his dream cream!. (Available at The volumizing tonic can be applied to the roots and the rawhold gel and/or dream cream can be distributed through the rest of the strands.

(Image of Jennifer Love Hewitt from CBS Ghost Whisperer - Photo by Robert Voets/CBS 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc) 5. Attach a finger diffuser and blow dry individual sections by resting the strands in the diffuser cup to bring out natural bend and waves.

6. When hair is 100% dry, separate into 1-2" sections and use a medium barrel sized curling iron (1 to 1 1/2") on each section. Roll hair around the outside of the curling iron instead of using the clip.

7. Hold the iron in place 8-10 sections. Remove the iron and use finger to roll the new curl up against the scalp. Pin with a bobby pin. Let the curl cool while working around the head repeating these steps.

(Image of Jennifer Love Hewitt from CBS Ghost Whisperer - Photo by Robert Voets/CBS 2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc)

8. When hair is completely cool, spritz with Robert Hallowell Prawduct - rawhold hairspray which Robert has used on Jennifer Love.

9. Unpin each curl and gently rake with fingers. Arrange waves in desired pattern. Robert suggested that a boar's bristle brush or similar can be used very lightly to even out the style.

10. Finish with a spirits of Robert's love that shine spray.


Ghost Whisperer is a big commitment of time and energy for the 26 year old actress. She was drawn to the series because it stirred her passion and was a fascinating concept that she believed offered a positive message to the troubled world we all live in. So how can the series be anything but wildly successful with that kind of heartfelt connection?

Catch Jennifer on Ghost Whisperer on Fridays at 8 PM EST on CBS.

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