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Jennifer Garner: Black Ops Hair


Jennifer Garner Season Premiere 'Alias' January 5, 2005

I tend to be a major worrywart about every little thing. So it was no surprise that when I discovered that one of my favorites television programs - Alias - was moving to a new night and time (Wednesdays from Sundays), I started to fear the worst for my favorite drama.

My crazy brain chatter went into overdrive when I suddently remembered that I had read in Star Magazine that Sydney Bristow aka Jennifer Garner and Michael Vaughn, played by hottie Michael Vartan, had ended their off-camera romance many months ago.

I wondered if that meant the end for Michael Vaughn on the show? After all, no one seems to have reported, that I remember, whether Jennifer and Michael parted on friendly terms.

Could the electrifying Emmy Award winning spy thriller be the same without Vaughn as a main romantic interest?

Alas, could the writers even try to carry on the suspense without the Sydney and Michael storyline? And I pondered whether the storyline was starting to show signs about wear and tear?

What about Marcus Dixon played by Carl Lumbly? He had such a diminished role in the last season of Alias. Would he be dropped?

(Image from Alias - ABC/Vivian Zink - Robert Patrick Benedict - Season Premiere - all rights reserved).

Sure, he had been promoted to the big boss but I loved him better as Sydney field partner. They were so good together.

Best Tressed Concerns

Jennifer Garner Season Premiere 'Alias' January 5, 2005

After worrying about the fate of all of the characters I started to worry about their tresses?

Sydney Bristow was famous for her quick change spy influenced hairstyles. Would she continue the dizzying array of wigs as her character kicked, punched and shot her way through espionage, adventure and heart-wrenching scenes?

So many questions filled my brain as the show kicked off its two hour season premiere special on Wednesday, January 5th.

Although I had already set my Tivo to record this major event, I started watching literally five minutes after the recording sequence started to hum.

My fears of boring spy strands was almost immediately relieved as Sydney appeared in an opening scene in a sassy short platinum blonde seductress wig. Whew. Off to a good hair start.

Even better, as she raced the clock while dodging a bunch of bad guys, Sydney pushed her accomplice into the nearest ladies room where she skillfully disguised his traditional style into instant punk rocker heights to save him from sure death. After her heart-stopping hairstyling bathroom stint, she emerged in a long blonde pop tart inspired wig.

The rest of the show was a virtual good hair day bonaza as Sydney morphed from various blonde looks into a saucy schoolgirl look coiffed in a dark chocolate black Dutchgirl style bob.

(Image of Jennifer Garner - ABC/Vivian Zink - Season Premiere - Wednesday, January 5, 2005 - all rights reserved).

Sadly, last season's beautiful bad girl CIA agent Lauren Reed was deemed to be long dead. Who really knows if she is dead other than the Alias writing team? However, Lauren and her riveting array of blonde hairstyles have been replaced by brunette stunner Nadia Santos (Mia Maestro). Nadia is Sydney's long lost half sister and daughter of the malevolent Arvin Sloane (Ron Rifkin). In the first episode she appeared in a number of ravishing hairstyles which further shored up my good hair watching confidence.

As the premiere episode continued, I was further relieved to see that Sloane, along with all of the original gang, including Jack Bristow (Victor Garber), Vaughn and Marcus Dixon, were present and accounted for.

(Image below of Marshall Flinkman aka Kevin Weisman - ABC Television Network - ABC/Vivian Zink - all rights reserved).

Although the goofy, but ever fascinating Marshall Flinkman (Kevin Weisman), didn't initially make it into the new CIA Black Ops Cell known as APO (Authorized Personnel Only), he was skillfully pulled away from his adorable Mini and into the plot with a quick kidnapping. So far the only member of the team excluded from the newly created CIA secret black ops cell was Eric Weiss (Greg Grunberg).

The writers teased us at the end of the two hour drama with indications that Eric might be having his own romantic involvement with Sydney's step sis. WooHoo! It couldn't happen to a nicer spy.

Future Alias Hair Clues

As the first episode of the fourth season closed I pondered the following questions about future Alias hair related events:

(Image of Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos on Alias - ABC/Vivian Zink - all rights reserved)

1. Would Irina Derevko - Sydney's supposedly dead mom resurface with a stunning new do as a result of assuming a hot new identity? Will she show up in a wild wig to disguise the fact that she survived her reported death? 2. Now that purple has been deemed the hot new fashion hue for 2005 will Sydney have purple streaks or tips? Even better, will she wear purple hued wigs? 3. What about the Covenant? Will the original crime syndicate bent on destruction of the CIA have its headquarters converted into a hot new spa concept featuring torture related hair treatments? 4. Will Arvin Sloane continue to grow his short cropped gray streaked tresses longer? 5. Does Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos (shown above) snag better wigs and hairstyles than her big half-sis or will Sydney continue to thrill us with spectacular spy-enabled hairstyles? 6. Which Alias star will be a guest on Ellen first? Will they wear matching wigs with Ellen? Will they be mullet wigs? 7. Will Page Six rat out either of the Alias spy sisters for being seen in public having a bad hair day? 8. Will Sydney ever again wear that spectacular cherry red wig from the first season?


If you are a true Alias fan, then rejoice. If you've never watched, then get with the program. Not only does Alias have a cast of fabulous actors and writers, the show offers an incredible ride of thrills and chills.

And yes, it offers a lot of fabulous hair watching. There is a strong indication that spy hair, black ops or not, will rule in 2005 on Alias.

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