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Jennifer Esposito's Hair On TV's Blue Bloods - How To Copy


Jennifer Esposito on CBS Blue Bloods

Craig Blankenhorn/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Beautiful brunette Jennifer Espositio is right at home on the sizzling new CBS drama, Blue Bloods. Not only is the popular show set in Jennifer's native New York City (Born April 11, 1973), but her role as Detective Jackie Curatola fits her like a glove.

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The Italian-American actress has lots of experience playing both Italians and police detectives. I thought Jennifer was fabulous as Lt. Marta Robbins in Taxi which was just one of many interesting roles in a long acting career.

Jennifer easily moves between drama and comedy as well as film and TV. Her last appearance in a TV series was in Mercy (2010), a drama set in a hospital. Before that she was hilarious in Samantha Who (2007-2009) as Andrea Belladonna.

Although she wasn't part of the premiere episode of Blue Bloods she has seamlessly slide into the role as Danny Walberg's partner which offers her lots of police

Hair Description: In her new role as a New York police detective Jennifer wears her chocolate brown shoulder skimming tresses cascading from a slightly off-center part with side-swept bangs.

Her no-nonsense crime fighting style features volume throughout the top and the crown with just a hint of bend and movement through the ends.

Jennifer Esposito

DC Media All Rights Reserved.

Hair Styling Tips: Jennifer's brunette based hair has been highlighted with splashes of lighter blonde and darker chocolate to provide lush shine and movement to her style.

Her current Blue Bloods hairstyle can work either worn down in tousled waves or pulled up in classic ponytails or top knots. Jennifer looks great with her hair both up or down.

How To Recreate Hairstyle: Start with a shoulder length style with precision cut layers to add movement throughout the interior of the hairstyle. Follow the steps below to style:

1. Cleanse hair with favorite washing method (Shampoo, Diluted Shampoo, Conditioner Only or Water Only) in lukewarm water. 2. Rinse well and apply rinse out conditioner. Detangle in the shower with a wide tooth smooth comb. Work from the ends up to the top. When you've detangled from the roots to the ends finish with a cool/cold water water rinse. 3. Towel blot. Apply desired leave-in styling/conditioning cocktail according to your type, texture and length of current hair. Distribute through hair with fingers or smooth detangling comb. 4. Create desired part before separating hair into two-inch sections. 5. Use a vent style brush for lots of volume. Lift each section at the root and direct air from a blow dryer with concentrator up the hair shaft from ends to roots.

Jennifer Esposito on CBS Blue Bloods

Craig Blankenhorn/CBS ©CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Note: If you prefer, use a round brush. 6. When hair is completely dry separate hair into one inch sections. Use a wide-barrel 2" iron to curl sections of the hair from mid-shaft to the ends. Roll each section away from the face. Hold a few sections and then release.

Note: The smaller the curling iron and size of the strand, the tighter the resulting curls.

7. Take newly curled strand and roll around your finger. Pin against the scalp to cool and set. Spritz with styling spray. Repeat around the head. 8. When hair is completely cool unpin all the curls one at a time. 9. Bend over at the waist and shake your head to loosen curls. 10. Lightly coat fingers with shine serum, spray or cream. Run through strands to break up curls. You may optionally lightly brush through curls with a 100% boar's bristle paddle brush to deconstruct and loosen. 11. For added volume at the crown lightly backcomb and smooth. 12. Finish with a spritz of hairspray. Lightly spray the entire head.

Take Jennifer's hairstyle from day to night by adding a glam headband or hair clip.

Donny Wahlberg Jennifer Esposito

Craig Blankenhorn/CBS ©CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved


Jennifer Esposito told the media she is thrilled to be part of the cast of the new CBS hit series. Expect to see her role expand as the drama unfolds. Keep an eye on her hair which is sure to evolve along with her character.

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