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Wild & Styled Long Hair: Undone Collection


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - 2003 - Uninhibited. Unruly. Untraditional. Undone. Paul Mitchell Artistic Director Robert Cromeans, Master Associate Pamela Perettie and Master Associate Maureen McCarthy bring a new long hair collection that is prim, but not proper, nice and naught - where anything is possible. (Image of Beauty & The Beast)

A collection that continues Jeanne Braa and Suzanne Chadwick's legacy, to show you all long hair can do and then some. "Eighty percent of our business as hairdressers comes from long hair clients," explains robert Cromeans. "And eighty percent of hairdressers have a fear of long hair. Experience combined with creative freedome will help hairdressers overcome that fear. We hope these looks inspire stylist to go out there and promote themselves for event and party hair. They can boost their salons' bottom lines and have fun while they're doing it."

"Long hair is something that will always be in demand," explains Maureen McCarthy. "A comfort level achieved with experience on long hair will give any hairdresser the confidence needed to approach special occasion hair - a great revenue builder for the salon." (Basket Case Image)

Pamela Perettie sums it up: "The looks get your attention. They are imaginative, strong images rooted in salon reality."

Care and maintenance are vital for healthy long hair. So giving clients the right products and showing them how to use them is very important. (My Tie Pie Image)

"Product choice is based on the client's hair texture, as well as the condition of the hair and their desired end result," explains Pamela Perettie. "

That's why with long hair, the professional recommendation is key."

Beauty & The Beast (see above for image)

Products & Tools - Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo, Instant Moisture Daily Treatment Wax Works, Freeze and Shine Super Spray, large bobby pins, tail comb, flat iron, elastic bands, covered elastic bands.

Basket Case (see above for image)

Products & Tools - Super Skinny™ Daily Shampoo, Super Skinny™ Daily Treatment, Gloss Drops, Soft Spray, 427 Paddle Brush, tail comb, suede string (or any strong fabric) covered elastic band.

My Tie Pie (see above for image)

Color Protect™ Daily Shampoo, Color Protect™ Daily Conditioner, Color Protect™ Locking Spray, Gloss Drops, Soft Spray, pin iron, chopsticks, bobby pins.

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