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Paul Brown Hawaii Offers Consumers A Safer Keratin Treatment


Before Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System Treatment

Paul Brown Photo: Scott Bryant All Rights Reserved

Paul Brown Hawaii has launched a revolutionary hair retexturizer consumers have yet to experience.

The Hapuna Keratin Rextexturizer System is an all natural, all organic extract formulation that offers the best solution for calming the thickest, most inflexible hair into a smooth, supple and manageable style.

True to Paul Brown’s credo, this Retexturizer System upholds the integrity of the hair and provides a professional treatment without harming you or your hairstylist.

Entirely Free Of Formaldehyde & Aldehyde

This collection is entirely free of Formaldehyde and Aldehyde which are dangerous chemicals that can cause harm to consumers and their hairstylists.

The Hapuna Keratin Retetexturizer formulations have been carefully scrutinized and tested to ensure they are effective, high performing solution-based treatments that are safe for our environment.

This system gives the consumer and hairstylist the versatility to create any look from soft curls, full waves to straight hair designs all within an hour and a half hours of service time.

Paul Brown's Proprietary Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex

Specially formulated with Paul Brown’s proprietary Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex, kukui nut lipids, sea salts, sea algae, plankton and a variety of other rich sea and plant derivatives, this system marks a unique and innovative product.

After Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System Treatment

Paul Brown Photo: Scott Bryant All Rights Reserved

This is a superb line of retexturizing products that gently and effectively work to eliminate 100% of all frizz and when combined with straightening iron or dryer heat, the retexturizer can reduce curl up to 95%.

Retexturizing System

The goal of this Retexturizing System is to provide a gentle and safe solution that will significantly reduce unwanted curl and waves for all hair types, while still leaving hair manageable, supple and soft.

Synergistic with their complete line of take home products, it will help maintain the pliability of the hair, keeping hair responsive and adaptable to any style with strong shine and incredible luster.

Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System

The Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System is comprised of the following products:

Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer: Developed with natural and organic extracts, kukui nut lipids and rich sea and plant derivatives, this formulation also combines Paul Brown’s exclusive Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex. Formaldehyde & Aldehyde Free.

Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer Mist: This unique retexturizer mister is derived from the many natural and organic extracts of the Keratin Retexturizer. It is designed to infuse rich nutrients into the hair cuticle as well as protect and endow the hair with high gloss. It extends the longevity and effect of the Keratin Retexturizer and is the final step for in-salon service and take- home, aftercare use. In tandem with a flat iron or a blow dryer, this mist adds significant radiance and manageability.

After Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System Treatment

Paul Brown Photo: Scott Bryant All Rights Reserved

Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer Shampoo: This natural purifying shampoo is free of sulfates and has been designed to eliminate all residue from the hair before and after the Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer service. It removes product buildup and meticulously cleans hair. It contains panthenol, wheat proteins and nutrient-rich fruit extracts for hair and scalp, leaving nothing but a burst of shine.

Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer Conditioner: This natural moisturizing conditioner is free of parabens and petrochemicals.

This rich conditioner is highly concentrated to ingeniously moisturize, strengthen, repair and protect the hair against breakage and damage.

By conditioning and fortifying each and every hair strand with aloe vera, panthenol, soy protein and essential Hawaiian oils, this special conditioner enhances the process of the Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer, It brings the hair into a more healthy and manageable state.

Paul Brown Hawaii's Perfect Retexturizer

Model Kerrin Before Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System Treatment

Paul Brown Photo: Scott Bryant All Rights Reserved

For over 30 years, Paul Brown Hawaii has stood by its main focus which is to always provide haircare solutions for all types of hair, in all cultures and for all people. Now, not only has Paul Brown Hawaii developed the perfect retexturizer, but the process of hair straightening has also been completely redefined by this innovative new formulation.

Standard formaldehyde-type straighteners easily take nearly 3 hours from start to finish. However, with the Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System, service time has been considerably reduced from 3 hours to 1 ½.

By reducing a client’s service time by 50%, your salon will significantly benefit in additional revenues due to the ability to service more clients.

Besides the reduction in chair time, the Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System requires the client to invest in a variety of retail products to support and extend the longevity of the service for at least a 3 month period. Once again, a complete system designed to work together in product performance while bringing in higher margins and additional retail revenue to the salon.


Model Kerrin After Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System Treatment

Paul Brown Photo: Scott Bryant All Rights Reserved

Paul Brown Hawaii services and products are offered in professional salons and spas worldwide. They are supported with continuing education and research to meet the demands of the culturally diverse professional beauty industry.

For more information on Paul Brown Hawaii and the Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System, call 800-338-0033 or visit:

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