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Original Organic Nails System: Does Your Manicurist Care About Your Nails?!

Original Organic Nails eliminates burning, hydrates nails.

APPLY! DIP! DUST! BUFF! Four easy steps to the Original Organic Nails System. NEW YORK-- Original Organic Nails has developed a non-toxic nail powder that finally gives salons an option to traditional harsher chemical processes. The trademarked powder eliminates toxic dust of a safer workspace, while also miraculously eliminating ODORS and dangerous FUMES. Using proteins, minerals, vitamins and even herbs, OON's organic powder rejuvenates nailbeds that have been burned by harsh chemical formulas. Their glue is different because is it non-toxic and non-flammable. OON results are stronger than wraps! The OON kit includes everything you need to start the process of getting your nails healthy again. SAFE FOR BOTH DIABETIC AND PREGNANT WOMEN due to its lack of harsh chemicals, the OON KIT sells for $29.99 Tips are not included. The special OON OIL contains Vitamin E for healing, Vitamin A and Vitamin D for chemical healing. The silky oil also contains Chamomile for soothing nail bed damage. Vitamins in the special OIL are therapeutic; reproducing cells when speeds up hands-on healing and protects from chemical burn. There is no beauty blunder like peeling dry hands!

"When I became pregnant, my doctor advised me to take off my acrylic nails. When I brought him information on OON, he agreed there was nothing harmful in this product. "Karen M, CN. The System also encourages very little "lifting' which causes mold and bacteria, not to mention client pain!

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