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Hair News: Toppik: A Product That Provides Thicker Hair Instantly


I recently had the opportunity to learn about a fascinating hair product known as Toppik.

This product is designed to offer thicker, fuller hair instantly. How? Toppik adheres to the hair shaft to give hair a fuller, thicker appearance.

There are a lot of people out there that have thin or thinning hair and it is not just men. Many people do not realize that thinning hair is a problem for many women as a result of pregnancy, menopause just to mention a few. What is most exciting is that this great product can make a huge difference for the people that have this problem, they are very easy to use, and if used properly they are completely undetectable."

TOPPIK is for people with thin hair. It is, simply put, microscopic fibers made out of a keratin base, that when shaken onto the thin areas stick to the hair shafts as well as filter down to the scalp. It even transforms the thin, colorless vellus hairs to looking thick and full.

It is not a cream, spray or cover-up. What is even more amazing is that it does not blow out in the wind, run in the rain or run with perspiration and it is undetectable. Toppik simply washes out with shampoo.

This is also great for people who have had a transplant and do not want the scabs to show and is perfectly safe to use after the transplant with the doctors permission.

Toppik can also be safely used in conjunction with Minoxidil and Rogaine. It is affordable, works in seconds, adds texture and, best of all, it takes off years and restores self-confidence.

Toppik is available in seven colors and backed by a thirty day money back guarantee.

Couvre alopecia masking lotion is a product that is often used in conjunction with Toppik. This is terrific for people that have excessively thin hair where the Toppik simply is not sufficient and generally works best in conjunction with Toppik. This product is also undetectable and will not even come out when swimming.

You can order Toppik products directly on the Web. Go to your favorite search engine and type in Toppik.

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