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Hair & Hairstyling Tips: Mandy Moore's Short Hairstyles


Mandy Moore at American Dreamz Movie Premiere 4-11-06 - All Rights Reserved

Mandy (Amanda Leigh) Moore would probably be the first to tell you that she doesn't want to be remembered for her short hairstyles.

Nor does she want to be grouped with the blonde tresses "pop tarts" Britney, Christina and Jessica that she was originally tied to at the beginning of her career.

Although Mandy's hair, especially her short hair styles have been an extremely popular topic on the Web, in reality the very talented performer, actress, t-shirt designer and star has been working hard to break ranks with her roots - hair and otherwise.

Mandy wants her many talents to speak for her with her fans and the general public. As the result of her goals to be taken seriously with her acting and musical talents, Mandy has minimized a lot of chatter about her hair and focused on highlighting her work in films.

Mandy Moore American Dreamz 4-11-06 - All Rights Reserved.

Mandy was a delicious and naughty addition to the award winning and wildly popular Entourage on HBO. Playing herself Mandy stirs controversy for the entire Entourage crew due to her on/off relationship with Vince (Adrian Grenier) who contemplates backing out of the acting part of a lifetime due to his conflict over Mandy.

The budding actress also made a highly publicized appearance earlier this year on TV's Scrubs with her real life beau Zack Braff.

Unlike those other blondes that Mandy would rather not be linked to, she has really put a lot of energy into making films and appearing on TV.

Even though I am a huge fan of Mandy's body of acting work and enjoy her musical creations, I am, afterall, a consumer hair watcher/writer, expter and commenter. The reality of the celebrity world is that consumers want to know appearance details. Mandy's hair, whether she appreciates the focus or not, is definitely a major interest to her fans around the world.

Mandy Moore Crystal & Lucy Awards June 10, 2005 - All Rights Reserved.

Mandy is a perfect role model for short hair styles. Besides having flawless skin, gorgeous eyes and thick lush strands, Mandy has a face shape that carries short hairstyles well.

If you look closely you will also notice that the gorgeous young star has a long neck which Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell stresses is a great attribute for short hair.

Even when Mandy is wearing lengthening hair extensions, wigs or half-wigs, she often appears with her hair pulled back in a faux short hair look.

At the April 2006 American Dreamz Premiere the gorgeous 22 year old star wore her deep chocolate brown tresses in a softly finished ponytail with a few loose strands cascading softly around her square shaped face.

Mandy Moore Rally Vote For Kerry 10-02-04 - All Rights Reserved.

Mandy's fringe, was coiffed into a deep side swipe which softens the angles of her face and also draws attention to her gorgeous eyes. While Mandy is known for her sideswept fringes, she has tried style where her bangs were

swept so far to the side (see above at the Crystal & Lucy Awards in 2005) that they merge into the rest of her hair. She also has played with bangs worn to the side but hugging her actual forehead.

When interviewed about her various hair and beauty regimes, Mandy has confessed in the media to "an obsession with her eyelash curler". She also has come clean about the fact she loves fashion which inspired her to recently launching her own line known as Mblem.

Growing Up In The Public Eye

Mandy Moore 2004 MTV Awards 8-29-04 - All Rights Reserved.

Whether you are a Mandy Moore fan or not, you have to give her a lot of kudos. Can you imagine going through those scary teen years with virtually the entire world watching? Mandy Moore did.

At the tender age of just 15, her first record "So Real" was released. Her first tour was with the Backstreet Boys. She was instantly thrust into the media limelight and the media frenzy has not stopped since.

Mandy entered the "pop tart" fray with all the other blondes but quickly changed her long flaxen strands to a dark chocolate to set herself apart from the crowd.

When questioned by the media Mandy has indicated that the prefers the brunette shades to the blonde ones. Her fans tend to agree.

Mandy has morphed from her initial long baby blonde to a wide range of brunettes hues from light chocolate to black opal. She also has flirted with red shades trying on merlot and strawberry blonde shades.

Experimentation Is The Spice Of A Happy Hair Life

Mandy Moore Golden Globes 1-19-03 - All Rights Reserved.

Since Mandy first exploded into the public eye at age 15 she has not only tried a range of hair colors, she has played with all different hair lengths, types of fringes, parts and styles.

There is no better time to try on a variety of hairstyles then when a star is young and finding their ultimate niche. Mandy straddles so many different careers - actress, film star - celebrity - fashion designer - singer - performer that it only makes sense for her to experiment.

Regardless of the angle that you view Mandy's face from, her lower jaw and chin have a definite squared shape.

Historically Mandy's short hair looks appear most balanced when her hair is worn below her chin or to her shoulder.

At the June 2005 Crystal & Lucy Awards (see image above) her short hair balanced her chin line and square lower jaw. It was also colored a soft honey blonde with a sprinkling of light and dark highlights and lowlights.

Mandy's Body Type & Hair Style Selection

Mandy Moore 2004 MTV Awards 4-12-03 - All Rights Reserved.

Mandy has access to the very best hairdressers, makeup artists and celebrity stylists that the business has to offer. It is also possible that some of her short hair styles were directly influenced by her acting roles. This may explain why some of her short styles were more severe and less flattering than others.

Besides having a strong angular lower jaw and wider forehead, Mandy has a petite body type with soft curves. To work in harmony with her face shape, body type and hair type, Mandy can benefit from wearing her hair loose, soft but smoothly finished for a sleeker appearance.

A great style for the beautiful star would be styles that are shoulder length to chin length with layers, angles and some soft height around the crown and top of the head.

With her strong jaw line and body types a severe short cut would not be as flattering. Because of young age Mandy still has the option to play with "cute" hairstyles such as high ponytails, braids, pigtails and similar messy styles.

Impact Of Color, Texture & Fullness

Mandy Moore Billboard Awards December 10, 2003 - All Rights Reserved.

Mandy had a very flattering hairstyle for her body and face shape at the 2003 Billboard awards.

Her hair hue was a soft chocolate brown with skillfully applied highlights around her face and along the sides of her tresses which played off her flawless complexion and gorgeous eyes.

The addition of volume along the crown and the sides mixed with soft waves and curls at the ends gave Mandy a much softer look.

Sleek side swept bangs that cascaded from a side part actually minimized her forehead, played up her eyes and gave her face the illusion of an oval shape. The texture produced from soft curls along the chin also softened that area of her face giving her chin a much more balanced appearance.

Her Billboard Awards style was fun, flirty and worked in unison with her playful gown.

Try It Before You Buy It

Mandy Moore MTV Movie Awards June 1, 2002 - All Rights Reserved.

By studying Mandy's hair history from her long shaggy blonde locks of 2001 until her most recent deep chocolate ponytail provides an excellent opportunity to visually discover the stunning impact that length, hairstyle and hair color can make.

Mandy Moore is blessed with a gorgeous complexion, great eyes and lips. While she can successfully carry off a short crop, chop or cap cut, it may not be the most beautiful hairstyle for her.

Does she look better with blonde, red or brunette strands? When she combines brunette with lighter highlights and slightly darker lowlights, it opens up her entire face and makes her eyes and lips literally pop. When Mandy has adopted blonde shades that also include a spectrum of lighter and darker shades, she is able to carry the lighter hue with ease.

Yes its true that Mandy has highly skilled hairdresser and colorists but with some careful research, analysis and experimentation, anyone can ultimately find their most gorgeous hair color, length, cut and style.


Mandy Moore June 14, 2001 - All Rights Reserved.

Any hair consumer looking for great hairstyling tips and techniques need only study the beautiful and very talented Mandy Moore over the past five years to learn how hair length and color can have a major impact on the finished product.

Thankfully Mandy has graciously showed off her different hairstyle and color experimentations for all of us to see and learn from.

What is truly amazing is how much the star has evolved and matured into a world class beauty since June of 2001. Along with her hair transformation Mandy has changed her make-up and fashion tastes. Gone is the teenager and in her place is a self-confident stunningly beautiful star who has learned to maximize her potential and minimize any flaws.

Mandy, who is only 22 has shown definite indications that her star is on the rise along with her hair and overall beauty and someday the world will be her oyster.

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