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Hair Extensions: Sizzling Hot


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Hair Extensions are sizzling hot. The interest in all types of add-on hair has really exploded since the introduction of the Jessica Simpson HairDo line of clip-in hair extensions one year ago.

Hair consumers who never experienced the fabulous fun of instantly transforming their hair in a matter of minutes have become addicted to how easy clip-in hair extensions are to apply and wear.

Some hair consumers are leaving their beloved clip-in extension "training wheels" behind and are transitioning into the world of semi-permanent extensions.

While clip-in extensions offer so many great advantages, they do need to be removed every night and re-applied every day.

Some hair consumers want a quicker fix and are turning to hair extensions that they can wear for weeks, if not months, at a time without removing them every night.

Why are clip-in and more permanent hair extensions so hot right now? The reason is that we are living in a time when we all want instant gratification and immediate results. Time is increasingly precious due to a variety of reasons ranging from job or school pressures to family demands.

Clip-in and semi-permanent extensions have come a long way since the beginning of their existence when only Celebrity Hairdressers used them on their famous name celebrities. Over the past five years hair extensions have advanced to the point that many hairdressers have taken the time to learn the many extension options available today.

Hair Extension Application Methods

Brigid K. O'Connor Back View After Individual Strand Heat Fusion Hair Extensions 09-13-07 All Rights Reserved.

Semi-permanent hair extensions can be applied through a variety of different methods that include, but are not limited to, some of the following more popular methods of hair installation:

1. Hot or cold fusion. Fusions extensions usually are applied with a form of keratin bond or glue and the strands are applied individually. Other fusion materials may be used instead of keratin such as various types of waxes.

2. Weaves. The natural hair is braided first and then wefts, or sections of hair are sewn into the braids.

3. Tape Installs. Sections of hair are taped to the hair utilizing toupee tape that may or may not be enhanced with extra glue for firm installs.

4. Installs utilizing a variety of attachment pieces made out of tiny beads, rings, tubes or similar. Individual strands are attached to the natural hair through the various pieces.

5. Hand Sewn/Tied. Some extensions are applied directly to the natural strands by means of special thread or hand tied.

6. Combination of Install Methods. Depending on the requirements of the extension client, more than one method may be utilized at the same time. A tape install might be done first and some individual highlight strands added around the sides or front with fusions or various attachment pieces.

Professional Versus Do-It-Yourself

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If you're a hair consumer that loves the fabulous options and instant change that clip-in extensions offer, you may be able to buy easy-to-apply and wear clip-in systems from the Jessica Simpson HairDo line of clip-in hair extensions.

These clip-in cap style extensions were specifically designed for consumers to apply in the comfort of their own home.

If you prefer the more semi-permanent extensions, your options are to work with a professional hairdresser or to do your own research and try your own hand at applying extensions yourself (DIY). Of course you can always enlist the help of family or friends with your hair installation projects.

This is where complications may occur. The advantages to visiting a professional is that they have taken the classes and they handle all the details, including purchasing the synthetic or human hair. They also will have all the required tools and supplies needed to apply the extensions.

Buying hair and install tools can become complicated if you are a novice to the field. However, if you are interested in eventually applying your own semi-perm hair extensions, and are willing to spend the time to investigate, there are many options available.

Note: To talk more about Do-It-Yourself Hair Extensions or other hair extension information be sure to visit the HairTalk forum dedicated to hair extensions.

Disadvantages To Non Clip-in Hair Extensions

Brigid K. O'Connor Back View After Individual Strand Heat Fusion Hair Extensions 09-13-07 All Rights Reserved.

Although hair extension application methods have improved dramatically over the past few years, there are still some challenges which include cost factors, potential hair damage from the installs and long term wearing of add-on hair. You must also consider maintenance issues.

Many hair consumers become addicted to the advantages of long term hair extension applications and wear them for many months and years. Others prefer to have them applied for special events such as weddings, Proms or similar occasions.

Of course potential hair damage should be addressed. If the proper method is used by an expert hair extension professional, damage to your natural hair will most likely be extremely minimal.

If your hair is thinning, you may wish to explore the best installation methods for your type of hair to prevent long term damage or acceleration of your existing thinning.

Contrary to misinformation about hair extensions, people with thinning or extremely fine hair do have options that will not damage their current hair conditions.

If you are committed to long term hair extension wear, you will need to evaluate maintenance programs for your extension hair to be tightened as your natural hair grows and the bonds loosen. With a good plan, you can minimize maintenance expenses and even reuse your extension hair for an extended period of time.

Hair Extensions - Hot Or Not For The Future?

Brigid K. O'Connor Front View After Individual Strand Heat Fusion Hair Extensions 09-13-07 All Rights Reserved.

Hair extensions are only going to get hotter. Manufacturers of the various hair extension systems understand that hair consumers want and enjoy hair extensions.

As a result, they continue to work hard to improve the quality of the hair that is offered and the types of application systems to minimize damage and discomfort.

Are Hair Extensions Right For You?

If you are tempted to jump into the hair extension world, be sure to do some homework. It is always a great idea to start with a great clip-in system that you can try and experiment with at home. If you love the freedom and wonderful options of "instant hair" you may be a great candidate for transitioning to more permanent bonds.


Hair extensions are the "in" hair and fashion accessory of the decade. They are only going to get hotter.

As their popularity continues to increase, expect lots of new options and features. Also expect the level of hair extension expertise of hairdressers around the world to continue to increase and expand. When it comes to add-on hair, you really only have to do one thing and that's enjoy your instant new transformation.

Note: All of the products listed in this article are available at in the Marketplace.

To talk more about Do-It-Yourself Hair Extensions or other hair extension information be sure to visit the HairTalk forum dedicated to hair extensions.

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