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How To Fire Your Hairstylist


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Consumers may decide to fire their stylists for a number of reasons that range from their perception that their stylist no longer gives them the hottest styles, edgiest colors or chic cuts to specific problems like a badly botched perm or chronic appointment tardiness.

Sometimes the overwhelming urge to tell your stylist to take their scissors and shove it is a temporary moment of strand insanity that will pass.

Chalk up one less than stellar salon experience to a temporary situation that can be resolved with a heartfelt chat with your hairdresser about your hair's needs and wants.

If your stylist is running late, express your unhappiness with the situation and give them a chance to toe the line next time. If you suffer through a botched chemical treatment, don't fume in silence. Call your stylist and give them a chance to fix the problem.

If your stylist ignores your attempts to communicate your unhappiness or one unfortunate visit extends into a string of bad hair weeks and you start to lust in your heart after a new hair care expert, it may be time to give into temptation to try something new.

Best Way To Leave Your Stylist

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Regardless of why a hair client decides to leave their stylist, a common concern is how to end the relationship in the best way. So how does one go about firing their stylist?

Do you just slink off into the fog after your last disappointing appointment or do you announce as you're leaving the salon that you will not be returning for anymore hapless hair happenings?

How you handle the break depends on a variety of factors that include the length of time you have been visiting the stylist to whether you wish to permanently burn the bridge to their styling chair forever.

For some people, leaving their hairdresser can be as traumatic as getting divorced, quitting a job or moving to a know neighborhood. This is because they form long-term friendships and super close bonds to their stylist that extends beyond the back shampoo bar into social or family situations.

While honesty is always the best policy, it is not always the easiest. Sometimes it's better to conform your behavior to the philosophy that if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all.

Before You Dissolve The Relationship

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If you are not convinced that you want to permanently dissolve your current relationship then take your tresses on a tour of some new salons. Ask friends and family with great hairstyles to refer you to their favorite hair care professionals.

Make a few appointments for consultations only. Be sure to clarify that you do specifically want a consultation only and that you will come back if you decide to have any hair work done after the consultation.

Take your hair on a few look-see meetings with different stylists and get their suggestions on how they would cut, color or style your locks.

Try one or more of the recommended stylists or colorists. If you are still unhappy with your tresses after your initial try-out time with the new pros, then you have the option to go back to your original stylist. Throw yourself on their mercy and promise to never cheat on them again.

Formalize The Split

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If you hit new hairdresser pay dirt then decide whether you need to formalize your split with your former stylist or not. If you have been with them for a long time, have established a friendship or go to church with them, you may wish to write them a polite farewell note explaining that you are not returning for their services for the time being.

When possible tell them that you hope you can come back in the future if the circumstances are right. This keeps the door open if you do decide that you want to work with them again at some point in the future.

While honesty is still the best policy, you may wish to be vague about your true motives for leaving and mention that you have decided to work with a new stylist that is a close friend of the family, just moved next door or along a similar vein. You may wish to include a small gift or token of appreciation if you were exceptionally close with your former stylist.

When you formalize a split with your stylist be sure that you have returned any books or other items that they might have loaned you over time. Settle all accounts as well. If you fire your stylist but still have possession of styling books or tools or owe them money, this only sends a message that you are really leaving to avoid paying.

Just Fading Away

If writing a note or sending a gift makes you uncomfortable, you should honor your true feelings and let your name quietly fade from view at the back of your stylist's book. It may not be the most upfront way to fire your stylist, but it is probably the most common.

While some stylists may notice your absence and write or call you, most will assume that you have left to exercise other hair options.

If a stylist really cares about your business, they may try to talk with you about your lapsed appearances in their chair. However, if you have already gone so far as to find new hair care providers, it is probably too late to undergo hair talk therapy with your former hairdresser.


Breaking ups with your stylist can be hard to do unless you have a well thought out plan of action. Whether you decide to leave your stylist forever or just temporarily while you try new hair care professionals, always treat your stylist as you would want to be treated. This will prevent any long term hard feelings and allow you to go back to your stylist at some in the future if you so desire.

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