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History Of Rene Furterer Hair Care Products


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During his childhood in Provence, Rene Furterer became familiar with the therapeutic and aromatic properties of plants and essential oils.

Later, as a passionate hair stylist, he was able to frequently observe the damages associated with bleaching, color treatments and perms.

Rene subsequently undertook research and was the first to create hair care products that treated both the scalp and hair. He developed his own hair care method based on hair treatments made with essential oils and plant extracts.

In 1979, Rene Furterer, already famous for the high quality of his products, joined with Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, specializing in phyto-cosmetology.

This was the union of Science and Beauty: scientific expertise and high-quality products combined with the mastery of hair styling.

Since then, the Rene Furterer brand has incorporated the latest innovations of Pierre Fabre Laboratories in the development and evaluation of its products.

Treatment formulas containing active plant ingredients, specially formulated to obtain visible and immediate results.

Rene Furterer is an expert hair care brand with products made of essential oils and plant extracts, designed to reveal and enhance beautiful hair. A pioneer in hair care, Rene Furterer dedicated his life's work to the following principle: Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, just like a plant in fertile soil.

This parallel between hair and nature is a perfect illustration of Rene Furterer's drive to use hair-enhancing active ingredients from nature. René Furterer uses a unique and original method that offers personalized treatments available as a salon service, or take home personal care.

Rene Furterer - Hair Care Product Categories

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Rene Furterer All Rights Reserved.

Rene Furterer promotes the wisdom that no two heads are exactly alike. Every Rene Furterer Hair Product is based on the proven theory that hair problems are caused by different scalp conditions.

Rene Furterer is more than just a line of products, it's a thorough method for beautiful hair, proven in top salons worldwide and easily replicated at home.

Rene Furterer products contain natural ingredients and essential oils, for the health of your head and hair. Treat your hair to magnificent care.

Rene Furterer Hair & Scalp

Rene Furterer consists of a line of more than 50 products, which take into consideration each type of hair & scalp. Today the brand is present worldwide, providing hair the beneficial effects of plant extracts and essential oils.

Rene Furterer has been established in the USA for more than 15 years. Rene Furterer products are distributed in high-end Salons and Spas and in selective department stores.

The entire Rene Furterer line is available at and has been available for the past four years.

Many celebrities reportedly adore Rene Furterer products including Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Mary Kate Olson, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Chloe Sevigny, Jessica Alba, Sophia Vergara, Jordan Sparks, Jada Pinkett Smith, Hilary Duff, Mercedes Ruehl and Keira Knightly, to name just a few.


Located at the very heart of Paris, in the 8th district tucked under a porch in the yard of number 15 Place de la Madeleine, René Furterer Institute and Hair Salon is a genuine haven of peace dedicated to well-being, health and beautiful hair.

Open the door and you will feel the ambiance of serenity. The light walls espousing soft curves, the naturally beige sycamore wood furniture, the magnificent bouquets of flowers, the gentle fragrance of essential oils will sweep you directly into René Furterer world of nature and sensory experience.

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