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Heather Locklear's Hair Heats Up NBC's LAX


Mondays just got steamier on NBC when the ever gorgeous Heather Locklear stepped into her latest starring role running Los Angeles International Airport with the equally hot Blair Underwood. NBC debuted the new LAX drama series on Monday September 13th at 10:00 pm EST (9:00 Central).

(LAX -- NBC Series -- Pictured: Heather Locklear as Harley Random -- NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater).

The good news is that the 44 year old Heather is as stunning as ever as proven by her spectacular style at the recent 2004 Emmy awards. For both the LAX show and the recent Emmy awards, Heather's blonde bombshell big-hair with-curls signature hairstyle has been replaced with a sleeker and more sophisticated look.

The bad news? The NBC series is taking on CSI: Miami which has been a ratings monster for CBS. Will LAX survive against the CSI ratings monster?

Heather of the golden tresses has an equally golden reputation for setting ratings on fire by her very presence. Her role as LAX's aggressive runway chief Harley Random is designed to do for the new show what her roles did for sagging shows like Melrose Place and Spin City.

I for one adore all of the CSI venues. In fact, I already have my Tivo programmed for the new CSI: New York. While I love CSI: Miami, I am pulling for Heather to hang in there and hopefully NBC will transport LAX to another less aggressive timeslot.

Tressed By The Best

While Heather is known for her ability to rescue declining television shows, she is even better known for her stunning strands. Heather, who has been a fan favorite since her early appearances as the nasty Sammy Jo Dean Reece Carrington Fallmount on Dynasty in 1981. From her sizzling role on Dynasty, Heather spun a golden web of TV, film and celebrity appearances that makes you wonder how the uber busy star had time to always look so gorgeous.

Over the years Heather has been fluffed and buffed by the very best Hollywood hairdressers including Ken Paves, who currently is famous for his work with Jessica Simpson and Robert Hallowell who is currently working with Mary Louise Parker.

Both Ken and Robert have mentioned their work with Heather's hair in the past. Ken and Robert have both commented on the fact that the Internationally famed actress is as sweet and genuinely nice as everyone says that she is.

More About Heather's Hair

When Heather Locklear first appeared in 1981 as the love-to-hate-her Sammy Jo on Dynasty she was noted for her long wingy Farrah style that gave new meaning to "big hair".

As Heather assumed various roles over the past 25+ years, her hair morphed through a series of trend-setting styles ranging from feathered and winged to short and choppy.

Heather copied her original Farrah-flipped look for the 2002 Golden Globes Red Carpet. The media flipped over Heather's pure Hollywood luscious locks that were bursting with soft, playful curls.

By 2003 Heather was playing with shorter, choppy and layered hairstyles to "do something different and create a new look" according to Robert who worked with the blonde goddess on a TV pilot in 2003.

(Image of Heather Locklear - 3-25-2004 - Two And A Half Men - CBS - Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 2004 CBS Broadcasting Inc. In March of 2004 Heather guest starred on the hit series, Two And A Half Men. Robert is the lead hairdresser for the series and works on the styles for many of the stars including Jon Cryer. He reported that her hair was fuller than her current very straight and sleek style for LAX.

Heather & Britney

A few years ago InStyle Magazine gave Heather their best tressed for the month nod for her Britneydo. As the story goes, when Heather appeared on the Tonight Show she was spectacularly coiffed as a Britney look-a-like by Ken Paves.

(Image of Britney Spears at AMA Awards - 2003)

When asked about his vision for Heather's look, Ken reported "I wanted something that was cool, not polished." When the master hairdresser was finished working on Heather's hair he said "Oh my God, it's Britney".

So how did Ken create the look? He started by working a styling mousse into approximately 1 inch sections of hair.

Using his fingers Ken tousled and shook Heather's hair while he directed a blow dryer at the strands with the dryer at its hottest setting.

The goal, according to Ken, was to give the hair a fuller look. This was important because both Ken and Robert have reported that Heather has "lots of hair but it is fine and soft."

Using a blow dryer on a higher heat helps to blow up the cuticles and give the hair instant volume.

Ken then separated Heather's hair into equal sections that were about 2 inches in thickness. He sprayed each individual section with a firm hold hairspray. Then Ken carefully twisted and then curled each of the sections using his now-famous 1" curling iron. After he twisted and then curled each section, he bobby pinned the newly formed twist in place to cool and set.

After all of the sections were completely cooled, Ken removed the bobby pins. Using his fingers, Ken shook out each of the twisted sections. After spraying her entire head with hairspray, Heather bent over at the waist and Ken tousled her hair a little bit more by waving a blow dryer over the understands.

Heather flipped her hair back and Ken finished by using his fingers to carefully arrange the twists into a soft, feminine and twisted wave look that was one part glamour and one part rock and roll.

Recreating Heather's 2002 Curls

For long lasting curls like Heather's 2002 Britney look, Robert Hallowell recommends using mousse on slightly damp strands from roots to ends. Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer and gently diffuse until hair is 100% dry. Then use a large barrel curling iron (1 1/2") held close to the head and wind hair down the length of the iron to create saucy spiral curls. To relax kinky tresses, Robert suggests that you apply a straightening balm like his Hallowell balm and blow-dry curls out with a large round brush before adding the soft spirals. With the head flipped upside down, finish curls with a cream like Robert's Dream Cream so curls cascade gently. If desired, apply a tiny drop of Robert's shine drops and smooth over the finished look for stellar shimmer.


This beautiful blond bombshell has enjoyed a spectacularly successful acting career that has spanned three decades' worth of TV hairstyles and assorted fashions.

Even though Heather has been around for over 30 years, she still seems timeless. Although she was once known for her perfectly feathered tresses, the eighties poster girl is still a quintessential California beauty. Check out her ever changing looks, from Dynasty-diva to LAX today!

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