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Headband Buzz From Late 1990s


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As reported in Cosmo Magazine, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Courtney Love were spotted wearing hip new mile-wide faux tortoise headbands in the Fall of 1997.

A new fashion accessory craze was created with a range of different width headbands.

Courtney was also spotted wearing a thinner version of a bow topped band at the Press Conference for MTV Video Music Awards Return to Los Angeles on July 14, 1998.

One of the first things that I have learned is the differences in terminologies. While some designers may call their creations hair jewels, the industry as a whole is referred to as The Hair Accessory Industry. Many designers refer to their collections as hair accessories, accessory designs or even accessory lines.

Headbands - What's Old Is New Again

While some hair accessory designers focus on hair jewels, other create entire accessory lines which may encompass everything from jeweled barrettes to earrings, necklaces and cuffs.

Other designers select to focus on only one particular category within the hair accessory world.

Which is why you might find one hair accessory label that only creates headbands while another is known for their wedding accessories.

Hair jewelry has its own sets of dos and don'ts.

Classic Styles Versus Latest Fashions

While some of the classic looks from the 20s, 30s and 40s are back in style, it's interesting how some hair accessory pieces never lose their popularity.

Designers point out that one of the biggest mistakes that accessory wearing novices commit is trying to wear too much jewelry at one time.

They may wear pieces that are too large or too small for their hairstyles, face or body. Or they may partner pieces that are incompatible. Well chosen hair gems can be exquisite and make a fabulous statement.

When wearing hair jewelry it is import to co-ordinate with the rest of your jewels like earrings, necklaces and rings.

Too many baubles worn all at once can definitely be a bad thing. If you love hair jewelry then keep the rest of your baubles to a minimum.

Knowing what hair gems to wear is also key. Hair ornaments look best when they are worn close to the hair line. Jewels can be worn throughout long locks but only if they can be anchored well enough to prevent slippage or loss.

Some jewels worn in long hanging tresses may lose their grip and fall completely out. When possible place the ornaments close to the crown.

A big styling secret is to use hair jewels to help set damp hair. Apply your designed setting gel or lotion then use your hair ornaments to set a style-pin for 3" or longer.

To create a delicate effect, use small floating hair gems like hair snaps, hair magnets or gems affixed with Velcro.

To keep hair sections sleek and controlled, use a mist-bottle or light gel on selected strands before anchoring the jewelry in the hair. "This way you have a sleek, jeweled look during the day, then a wavy, "set" 'do for evening when the clips come out."

After several hours of natural drying carefully remove clips, and finger-comb out new waves and curls. These naturally-set waves will definitely break down with any type of brushing. Just tousle the waves with our fingers with a touch of pomade."

Also great for transition hairdos are beautiful barrettes, hair combs and bobby pins which can easily sweep uneven layers out of eyes. Hair jewelry is fabulous for disguising the growing pains of tresses that are at the in-between phase.

The transition from a day to night look is made simpler with hair jewelry, going from office to an evening on the town with just a couple of bejeweled hairpins.

The right hair accessory piece can elevate a simple sweater and pants to a polished evening look.

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