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Hairstyles With Bangs: Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson "The Skeleton Key" Premiere 08-02-05

Kate Hudson has great Bang IQ. The lovely blonde beauty has inherited her gorgeous mom's (Goldie Hawn) lush blonde locks.

Kate also happens to have a great celebrity hairdresser on her speed dial. The Golden Globe winner has been working with hairstylist David Babaii for the past eight years.

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In an interview about Kate's hair David confessed to constantly thinking up new ways to create fabulous hairstyles and hairdos for his muse. In his interview David noted Kate's willingness to let him do whatever he felt best for her tresses.

As a result, he works very hard to create an ever changing array of new looks and Kate always looks very well tressed, bangs or no bangs.

At the Skeleton Key Premiere in August of 2005 Kate wore her naturally wavy hair au natural with a deep right side part. Her uber long side-swept bangs draped seductively over one eye in traditional Veronica Lake fashion.

If you look closely you will notice two the two sections that merge together to form the side-swept bang look. There is one section of hair that extends directly from the hairline and flows down over her eyebrow.

Right above the long side-swept bang section, which has been fashioned into loose waves is a larger panel of hair that branches directly off from the side part and is direct up and over to the side of Kate's head, nestling on top of the side-swept bang section.

Kate Hudson "The Skeleton Key" Premiere 08-02-05

The two sections of hair, the side-swept bangs and the upper panel of hair flow together in perfect harmony in Kate's Bang Hair Universe.

What is fabulous about Kate's Skeleton Key bang hairstyle besides the perfect symmetry of the side-swept bangs and hair panels is the way the hairstyle combines sultry sophistication with sexiness. Kate's side-swept long wavy style is pure Hollywood.

Could she look any more gorgeous? Even better, the side-swept bangs balance her face shape which is a combo of classic heart and oval.

How To Re-Create Kate's Side-Swept Bang

How can Kate's stunning side-swept bang hair style be re-created? Follow the steps listed below to recreate Kate's sophisticated banged style:

1. Shampoo hair and apply rinse out conditioner 2. Finish with a cool water rinse 3. Towel blot 4. Apply appropriate styling cocktails (defrisants, mousse, cream) 5. Create deep side part using rattail end of comb. 6. Separate bang hair into individual sections and blow dry with a round boar's brush and a blow-dryer. Roll hair around brush to enhance wave formations. 7. Separate the remainder of the hair into individual 2" sections to blow dry with a long finger diffuser. Allow strands to nestle into the basin of the diffuser for maximum wave formation. 8. When hair is completely dry separate into 2" sections and curl with a medium barrel curling iron. Pin newly created curls to scalp to cool. Curl around entire head including bang area making sure not to curl bang area too tightly. 9. After curls are completely cool, remove pins and arrange waves with fingers. Gently pull bang strands to loosen and deconstruct into loose waves 10. Apply finishing products such as shine spray or serum and light mist of hairspray.

Types Of Hair Compatible With Kate's Bang Hairstyle

Kate Hudson "The Skeleton Key" Premiere

At first glance it is hard to determine whether Kate has long side-swept bangs or is just wearing her side hair panels coiffed in a faux bangs style.

If you look closely you will see that Kate does have bangs that end parallel with her cheek. They appear to be one length or have very slight layers.

Kate's long side-swept bangs would work best with hair that is either naturally straight, wavy or with a slight curl or bend. This style can also work with naturally curly hair if the hair is pre-straightened before creating the final waves along the sides.

Note: For more tips on straightening bangs read Bangs - The Straight Scoop.

Highlighted Bangs

Jessica Simpson Human Hair HairDo Extensions

Kate's bang hairstyle is designed to show off her face and gorgeous eyes. Carefully applied ribbons of highlights and lowlights intertwined throughout Kate's hair and bangs have a spectacular effect.

Steal Kate Hudson's Style In An Instant

If you love Kate Hudson's hair and wish to re-create it in an instant but have hard to wave strands or hair that is much shorter, consider popping on one of Jessica Simpson's HairDo cap extensions which easily integrates with your existing hair to instantly create a glamorous Hollywood hairdo.

The Jessica Simpson HairDo are available in a wide range of colors in either Human Hair or synthetic.


Kate Hudson is gorgeous, talented and has a very successful career.

She also showcases a wide range of different hairstyles on the Red Carpets including the one included in this article which features long side swept wavy bangs which are carefully integrated with the rest of her lush wavy Old Hollywood hairstyle.

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