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Hairstyles For Personal Expression: Zano's Delirium Collection


CHICAGO — Your hairstyle and hair color say a lot about who you are. Now, the creative team from Zano Salons & Day Spas shows you how to express your every mood with its “Delirium" hair collection. Because the cuts are versatile, you have plenty of styling options. They can be worn tousled for a messy look or sleek for a more retro feel — whatever your mood dictates.

"The Delirium Collection complements the bold textures, fabrics and retro influences we are seeing in fashion, says Liza Espinoza, creative director for Zano Salons & Day Spas in Chicago." The hairstyles and colors in this collection represent an "anything goes" type of attitude". Unique to this collection is the special application of hair color in the shape of traditional fabrics, such as herringbone and paisley. This is accomplished by coloring panels of hair, beginning at the scalp, in the shape of the traditional fabrics. This technique adds an interesting and eclectic look to the hairstyle. Like the looks in this latest Zanos collection and want to try them out for yourself? Here's how to describe to your stylist the cut, color and styling techniques the Espinoza and her team used.

Styles For Men

This mid-length style can go straight from the boardroom to a night out on the town. It’s a very textured cut with long square cut layers for lots of movement. The back is kept longer, while the front is cut shorter around the face. Light golden highlights add interest to the darker brunette base, while still making it look natural. This versatile style can be worn loose, tucked behind the ears or smoothed for a more retro look. To style, apply a volumizing product, to towel-dried hair. Then, blow dry using a paddle brush. If you want a poker-straight look, apply a thermal spray and touch up with a flat iron. To finish off the look, apply a finishing pomade and piece out individual hair. If you're looking for a shaggier look, apply gel to towel-dried hair and allow to aid dry.

Credits: Cut by Michaela Bales, Color by Karen Behnke, Make-up by Jill Gosser, Photography by Steven Ledell. Photo Stylist: Michaela Bales, Fashion Stylist: Devin McKenna. Wardrobe by Custo. Model: Jerry.

This style is great for naturally curly hair. Its classic rounded shape and longer length give a clean and loose look to this textured style.

Because naturally curly hair can sometimes look dull, a demi-permanent hair color in a lighter golden brown shade was added to give the hair shine and warmth.

Demi-permanent color, which lasts for six to eight weeks, gives a very natural look and will not show regrowth as hair grows out. To get this look, apply a relaxing gel, to towel-dried hair. Comb through and allow to air dry. Once hair is dry, run your fingers through to separate hair and add movement.

Credits: Cut by Reynaldo Achurra, Color by Karen Behnke, Make-up by Jill Gosser, Photography by Steven Ledell. Photo Stylist: Reynaldo Achurra, Fashion Stylist: Devin McKenna. Wardrobe by Custo. Model: Nino.

Texture Is Hot

Style 1:Texture is hot and this style has plenty of it. This feminine, mid-length cut has diagonal-forward layers and long side fringe.

To accentuate the cut, the light brown auburn color was applied in a herringbone pattern on a rich reddish brown base.

Because this style is cut longer, you can style it a number of different ways.

Credits: Cut for both Style 1 and 2 by Naomi Hausmann, Color by Karen Behnke, Make-up by Jill Gosser, Photography by Steven Ledell. Photo Stylist: Naomi Hausmann, Fashion Stylist: Devin McKenna. Wardrobe by Custo. Model: Mercedes.

Style 2: To create this look, apply mousse to towel-dried hair. For a more tousled look, blow out rough, using your fingers to add volume.

To add dimension to the hair, apply a working spray and then using a flat iron, make bends and waves in the hair by alternating sections, working from the bottom up. Finish off with a light aerosol spray. Then break waves and curves by using your fingers to separate hair. You can finish off this look by using some of the techniques Espinoza and her team used on the makeup.

Espinoza points out that it's important to take into consideration your skin tone, hair color and eye color when selecting the proper makeup tones. For this look they used deeper and richer tones in contrast to the vanilla and pink colors used on the eyes. The berry tone used on the lips helped to make them a focal point for the entire look.

Versatile Styles

This versatile haircut (also shown above in Style 2) can be worn either loose and relaxed or slicked back for a more retro look.

This graduated bob is short in the back and longer in the front. The base color of blonde is enhanced by panels of warm, golden blonde shades, which were applied in a paisley pattern throughout the head. Darker shades of lighter brown were added underneath, especially in the back to add more contrast. To style, apply a medium hold gel, to towel-dried hair. Blow-dry using your hands to separate and add volume. For maximum fullness, flip your head down and dry.

Finish off the style by adding a pomade. Apply a small amount to add movement and set the style into place. Finish off with a shine spray. To accentuate this look, Espinoza and her team used cool and neutral makeup colors, like vanilla and teal, in contrast to the warm hair color. A warm apricot gloss was applied to the lips to for a jeweled look. Credits: Cut by Liza Espinoza Color by Karen Behnke, Make-up by Jill Gosser, Photography by Steven Ledell. Photo Stylist: Liza Espinoza, Fashion Stylist: Devin McKenna. Wardrobe by Custo. Model: Allison.

Feminine Style

This feminine style is vibrant and has lots of movement. The cut, which is short and graduated with longer lengths on the top for softness, is great for all types of hair.

A demi-permanent hair color, like this one in a red auburn, adds richness and evens out the tones in chemically treated hair.

Credits: Cut by Liza Espinoza, Color by Karen Behnke, Make-up by Jill Gosser, Photography by Steven Ledell. Photo Stylist: Liza Espinoza, Fashion Stylist: Devin McKenna. Wardrobe by Custo. Model: Kendra. To create this style, first use a relaxing product, which will make hair soft and moveable.

Blow dry hair using a round brush, making sure to leave the crown fuller and the front and fringe areas a bit sleeker and flatter.

Finish off the look by applying a medium weight holding spray and then a shine product. Contrasting makeup tones were used to finish this look. The eyes were highlighted with a hot pink color and accentuated with shades of tan and bronze. False eyelashes give a more dramatic look. A plum colored blush and peachy gloss complete the look.

Before & After

Hair color alone can change someone’s look, but when you combine it with a dynamic haircut and lots of texture, it’s an unbelievable transformation. This model was transformed from a washed out blonde to a glowing red head.

(Model Kendra "before" hair color transformation).

The hair color, which was applied in a paisley technique throughout the head, features shades of copper red and ruby red for lots of dimension. This shoulder length cut has lots of inverted longer layers for movement and a long fringe in the front. To create this style, apply a shaping mousse, which will add fullness and enhance the natural wave pattern of the hair, to towel-dried hair.

Credits: Cut by Michaela Bales, Color by Karen Behnke, Make-up by Jill Gosser, Photography by Steven Ledell. Photo Stylist: Michaela Bales, Fashion Stylist: Devin McKenna. Wardrobe by Custo. Model: Kendra.

Blow dry as usual. Once dry, apply a thermal spray to protect hair from heat. Using a triple barrel waving iron, begin curling sections in an alternating pattern, working on the left side of the head and then on the right side of the head.

(Model Kendra "after" hair color transformation). Once hair is curled, use a tail comb or your fingers to break up the waves. To hold the style in place, spray a medium strength aerosol hairspray. To complete the transformation from a blonde to a red head, Espinoza and her team used neutral makeup colors, like tans and vanillas as a base, then applied a bronze color as an eye shadow to accentuate and lengthen the eyes and lengthen them. A translucent gloss kisses the lips.

About Zano Salons & Spas

Founded by Ron and Denise Provenzano in 1985, Zano Salons & Spas are based on their strong belief in excellence, service and dedication. With a progressive attitude and continuing expansion into the day spa market, Zano offers clients extraordinary experiences in beauty, personal attention, relaxation and rejuvenation in the Chicago suburbs.

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