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Hairdressers: Getting Along With Yours


If you wish that it was a bit easier for you to have a great working relationship with your hairdresser, whether new or not, there are some secrets that will help you achieve your goal.

1. Always Call One Hour Before Your Appointment

Although most hairdressers attempt to stay on schedule, life happens. Even when the best intentioned hairdresser works hard to keep things moving, she is at the mercy of her clients, who may not always be punctual.

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When you call one hour before your appointment you can inquire if your hairdresser is running on time, or late. That allows you the option to adjust your arrival time to coincide with your hairdresser's true timeline. It also shows great consideration and a willingness to be flexible.

2. Arrive Five To Ten Minutes Ahead Of Time

Once you know your hairdresser's timing, arrive a few minutes early so that you have time to use the restroom, change into a smock and get settled. Again, this shows that you appreciate your hairdresser's time constraints.

3. Be Prepared

If you have a new style or hair color in mind, bring any images or notes that would be helpful to your stylist. If you want a completely new look, schedule a separate paid consultation time that will allow your hairdresser to focus on your new hair related goals. Spring a brand new style request on your hairdresser at the beginning of your appointment could lead to a harried visit and a disgruntled hairdresser.

4. Be Positive At All Times

Always start your appointment on a positive note, regardless of how you are feeling or what is happening around you. Studies have proven that other people judge you on the very first words out of your mouth. If you start by bitching about the traffic or parking, you are setting a negative tone for the entire visit.

(Photo by Tom Carson - 2005 - all rights reserved).

Instead of starting with complaints, mention something positive or share an interesting fact. You could try my sharing a tidbit in a hot new movie or TV show that you recently saw or about an article you just read. Sharing information guarantees that your hairdresser will feel more comfortable with you and helps to break any ice.

As your hairdresser progresses with your style, even if you need to stop them for adjustments, do so in a positive light. It really is true that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

5. Pay Attention

Pay close attention to your hairdresser as they work with you. Many people are so distracted that they only half-listen to others. When you stop, pause and listen carefully, it shows your hairdresser that you value their opinion and their time. This opens the door for a better long term relationship and shared communication. Also, you will understand better how to recreate the style and what products you should use at home to maintain your look.

6. Show Proper Manners

Let your hairdresser know that you care about their time with you by turning off your cell phone and putting it away before you get into their chair. If you bring reading material, wait to read it until you are in a processing mode away from your stylist. Always ask permission before touching the tools and products that are sitting out on their stations.

7. Respect Their Privacy

Some hairdressers prefer to work in silence because they feel they can do a better job for their clients. If you attempt to make ongoing conversation and your stylist does not seem interested in continuing a subject thread, respect that they do not want to talk while they work.

(Photo by Tom Carson - 2005 - all rights reserved).

Many hairdresser are uncomfortable when put into the role of salon therapist. Leave your personal problems and dramas at home and avoid putting your stylist in a spot where they feel that they have to give advice.

Feel free to ask questions related to the style that they are creating or about product use, but do not ask personal questions unless they encourage you to do so.

8. Express Thanks

When your hairdresser is finished, if you truly like the work, compliment them and say thank you. When there is a problem with the style, politely express your concerns and ask for adjustments. Be reasonable and always thoughtful in the way your express your opinion. Yes, it is your hair and you have to live with it, but they are human and can have a bad day or not understand your goals. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

(Photo by Tom Carson - 2005 - all rights reserved).

If all goes well, thank them and show your appreciation with a good tip. If you hairdresser did you a special favor or squeezed you in for an appointment, consider bringing a small gift like a basket of fruit, fresh baked cookies or flowers.


If you follow the suggestions above, you will most likely enjoy a great relationship with your hairdresser. Keep in mind that while this will work in most cases, it will not work in all cases since sometimes people just do not get along as well as with others. If this is the case, look for a different hairdresser that you have a good working chemistry with. Your hair will love you for it.

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