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I have to start by telling you that, in my opinion, is one of the most beautifully designed and organized web sites that I have had the pleasure of visiting.

Note: has evolved into

The Hair Boutique is currently in the process of being redesigned to be more user friendly and appealing. is one of the's major role models as we shop for new color themes and new site organizational ideas.

What Is It is a fabulous online magazine created "to support, inform and encourage women who are mothers".

Now I have to tell you right up front that I am not a mother. However, I am wild about this the site. It appeals to me on so many levels that I visit on a regular basis.

Even if you are not a mother or if you are a guy who wonders why you should check out this site, I am about to tell you.

Style, Hair & Beauty Topics has a wonderful, always growing, section on all types of beauty topics from articles on hair care to everything from Beauty Buzzwords to hand and nail care. I was honored when Myria asked me if they could publish some of my AskKaren and HairBoutique hair care articles. also offers great articles from the HairBoutique's makeup favorite, Heather Kleinman.

Heather's site is a former Hair Boutique link of the week. On Heather shares more of her makeup wisdom on lipstick, eye creams, and other beauty products.

Relationships & Parenting

The site includes a great section for working on your marriage and your parenting skills.

Marriage experts Claudia and David Arp, founders of Marriage Alive!, share some great tidbits on having it all. Claudia and David tell you how to make your marriage a priority and have a great relationship with your kids all at the same time.

If divorce is a concern or a current lifestyle there are also articles on dealing with issues related to you and your kids.

The Relationship & Parenting section includes a wonderful index of parenting features, couple-time features and an interesting article on Baby Slang.

Shop Online

Myria has some of the best online shops. I have to warn you that if you click into some of Myria online shops you should dig out your plastic and shop away.

I was a sucker the minute I clicked on Myria's JCrew link. This store has great clothes for guys and gals. Like I said, this site has lots of great things for both males and females.

The Myria stores also include my own personal favorites like and Beyond.Com software. For mothers there is also eToys, the BabyCenter store and Jagger Maternity Clothing


Like everything else on the site, the Bookstore offers great books that are organized according to the following topics:

  • Marriage/The American Family
  • Mothers' Roles
  • Preconception & Pregnancy
  • Birth/Postpartum
  • Pregnancy Humor
  • Parenting Humor
  • Parenting Toddler
  • For Babies & Toddlers
  • Family Travel
  • Keepsake Books, Journals & Scrapbooks

The Myria featured book of the week is "Facing 30: Women Talk About Constructing A Real Life and Other Scary Rites of Passage" by Lauren Dockett and Kristin Beck. This is a great book designed to ease the pressures and the transition to the big 3-0.

Myria's bookstore also offers other great "at a quick glance" titles. Every time I visit the Myria bookstore I find lots of great books that I probably would never have discovered on my own.

Also, entrepreneurial expert Azriela Jaffe shares some practical tips on how self-employed moms can meet their teen's needs while fulfilling their dreams.

While its too late to help my transition into my thirties, I did enjoy Myria's recommended book: "The Woman's Retreat Book: A Guide To Restoring, Rediscovering and Reawakening Your True Self in a Moment, an Hour, a Day or a Weekend".

This book, by Jennifer Louden, is full of great advice on how to find solitude and solace for too-busy people. While the book is written for women, any overworked or overstressed man would also benefit from some of the great suggestions.


From time to time Myria has some great contests. Right now Myria is giving away a copy of The Internet and Family Yellow Pages (with CD-ROM), updated for 1999. Learn more about this book and how you can win a copy on the site.

Your Daily Horoscope

A lot of sites have daily horoscopes but I have to say that the daily scope service offered by is one of the better ones. Kelli Fox from Astrology.Net does a great job of providing a general trend for the day. I always type in both my sun sign (Cancer) and my ascendant sign (Libra) to get more information.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it is sometimes fun to check it out. I admire the way that respects the fact that the Astrology Search box on the front page of Myria .com is very unobtrusive.

Other Great Sections & Features has so many great additional sections and features that I could go on for pages. There are tons of great interactive forums and message boards which deal with all types of mothering, female, health and beauty related topics.

There are also movie reviews and entertainment information along with lots of vacation information. Myria's Arts, Travel and Leisure section has everything you want to know about the latest movies, how to travel with kids, and how to enjoy life.

While you are visiting don't forget to check out the various online polls, read all the feature articles on such topics as how to organize your home and your life and check out some of the free services that provides.

Myria recently added a brand new site called ePregnancy which is devoted to topics for future and expectant parents. This site provides information from before conception to after birth and provides articles, interactive features, forums and other news articles.


The site wins the Hair Boutique's Silver Hair Brush (our version of the best of the best) for Hair Boutique's Link of the Week. Myria is a beautifully designed web site that is jam packed with tons of wisdom on many subjects for women, men, parents and just about everyone.

If you want to talk more about this or other hair care articles on or anywhere else, please post a message on's Hair Talk Forums.

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