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Hair Wraps & Turbans


Salma Hayak

Celebrities are often the first to test their fashion fortunes by wearing unusual, controversial or edgy fashion trends. Such is the case with the recent trend to wear hair wraps also known as head wraps and turbans.

Sometimes a recycled or new fashion trend will grab hold of the fashion world and burn like wild fire. That was not so much the case with the head wrap known also as the turban craze.

Latin superstar Salma Hayek wore a head wrap which some fashionistas tagged as a turban. Others called it a type of head wrap

Definition Of A Turban

Turbans are a very popular form of headware worn in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia.

Turbans are designed to cover the hair and the head and help keep the wearer of the turban cool in hot desert climates like the Sahara.

Wikipedia estimates that approximately 99% of all people who regularly wear turbans in the West are Sikhs of Indian descent, not Arabs or Muslins. Pagri is the Indian word for turban.

Head Wraps, Turbans, Hair Wraps

Solange Knowles

When actress Salma Hayek wore her head covering she had a lot of hair. In fact, she was sporting a sleek and shiny bob underneath.

Hair wraps and turbans cycle in and out of fashion from time to time but remain popular in some parts of the world as a traditional head covering.

Hair wraps, turbans, head wraps, scarves and wide headbands have one thing in common.

They're designed to cover the head and the hair for some of the following reasons:

1. To protect from the climate (hot or cold) 2. After chemotherapy induced hair loss 3. To disguise a bad hair day 4. To express a fashion trend 5. For religious related reasons 6. As part of a specific culture

Turbans As A Fashion Trend

Erykah Badu

The late Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her elaborate collection of head wraps and turbans.

The amazing Erykah Badu has been known to sport a stunning array of headwraps, turbans and similar during her concernt tours.

In the past singer Solange Knowles (sister of Beyonce) channeled an African queen headwrap with a mud cloth print at a 2010 Guess party.

Singer Chrisette Michele sparkled in a glittery black version at the 2010 Soul Train Awards.

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose caught onto the head wrap trend when she wore a different turban every day during 2011 Spring New York Fashion Week.

How To Wear A Turban, Headwrap Of Similar

When worn as a fashion statement, headwraps and turbans don't look fabulous on everyone. People with a small forehead of very large facial features like a prominent nose or chin may not be able to carry of the look as easily.

Traditional turbans are often sewn to a foundation so they can easily be put on and taken off. When a turban is pre-sewn to a hat like base it looks a lot like a hat. Turbans can also be created from long scarves or material. Also, women's hats can be constructed to look like it's warpped with silk coverings.


Turbans, head wraps and related headwear have been worn by men and women since the 17th century. Depending upon who you talk to, this type of headgear is classified as a cross between a hat and head scarves.

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