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Hair Vitamins: The Facts


Mike Trobee recently spent over 1 hour on the telephone with me talking about his Hair Formula 37 hair vitamins, affectionately known as H37.

MichaelI had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Mike in the Spring of 1998 right after Jeff and I l re-launched the Hair Boutique site. Mike and I worked together on some joint website promotions.

After getting to known Mike and working with him, I was very impressed with his incredible background and knowledge of hair.

An Amazing Background In The Hair Industry

Mike has an amazing background in the hair industry which explains the thought put into the creation of the H37 hair vitamins.

Mike's main strengths are in hair chemistry, hair care products and hair marketing. Mike spent 8 years working for Nexxus where he was responsible for approximately 2,500 salons. He worked as a regional manager and taught classes in hair chemistry, color, perming, retailing, motivation and product use.

He also "trained the trainers" so they could pass on his wisdom. Mike estimates that he conducted over 1,664 workshops, classes or seminars for salons.

After Nexxus Mike moved to Paul Mitchell. He worked directly with directors for L’anza, PermaParis Haircolor and Pativa. He also had the opportunity to learn from Jheri and Steven Redding (Nexxus), John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell and Robert DeLanza.

How H37 Was Created

Mike did a tremendous amount of research about the best nutrients and supplements that is required for healthy hair. Once he had all the ingredients that were required for the best hair vitamin, he reported that "he contacted a special chemist and asked him to make up the first batch of H37".

Mike reported to me that he and the chemist had to work together on the final version of H37 because the chemist initially wanted to dump all the ingredients together in one gigantic pill.

Mike explained to me that he was concerned about the H37 vitamins being too large because so many people have a hard time swallowing large pills. So Mike and the chemist worked together with the various ingredients and came up with the two step formula.

Although Mike was happy with the first batch of H37, he was determined to make it more "user friendly" and explained that he has reworked the formula somewhat so that the pills, especially for Step 2, are a little smaller and easier to swallow.

Testing With No Strings

Mike offered to send me some samples of H37 to "test" the products with "no strings attached". When Mike first offered me the H37 samples I reminded him that I only endorse products on The Hair Boutique that I really believe in.

Mike was very respectful of the fact that I may not like the product and he still send me a box with the H37 neatly packed inside.

Not only did I start taking the H37, but Jeff and Jane Bullock took them as well. Jane noticed "immediate results" and actually complained that "her hair was growing like a weed". This was a problem for Jane who loves to wear her hair very short and spiked up in a BedHead look.

Even the Hair Boutique's stylist, Shelley, thought that Jane's hair was growing unusually fast.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About H37

I asked Mike what are most popular questions that his customers ask about H37 and he told me several.

  1. Are there side effects with H37? The formula is a combination of vitamins and amino acids made specifically for the hair (growth). You may (more than likely) see an increase in fingernail growth too. Also, if step one is taken in excess you may have a "niacin rush". This is the blood flowing to the surface of the skin. This is NOT harmful. It is actually good. It will go away n 20-30 minutes. It usually will not occur unless the product is taken in large qty. (i.e. 4-6 tablets taken on an empty stomach in one sitting). The only other side effect may happen if step one is taken in excess on an empty stomach. Nausea. This is going to happen with ANY vitamin complex.
  2. What is the proper dosage for H37? Step one should be followed exactly. Take 1 to 3 daily, with a meal. Any more taken is not harmful, but is a waste. (Money down the proverbial drain. Step two is different. Step two (amino acids) can be taken as often as you want. We recommend 2-6 per day with a meal. You could take a whole bottle in one sitting (if you really wanted too). We have had some people take 12-18 per day. The body will absorb amino acids in excess. The more of step two the better for hair growth.
  3. How many tablets in each bottle? There are 60 per bottle.
  4. Can I take just step one or just step two? Yes, but you will see a better result by taking both.
  5. Is The Product Guaranteed? There is a complete 100% money back! After 30-45 days if the person is not satisfied for ANY reason they can send the empty bottles back and get their money back. No questions asked.
  6. What results should I see? Hair should be stronger, grow faster, look healthier, feel thicker, and overall look great. Keep in mind this applies to only to the hair that has grow out since starting the program.
  7. How long before I see results? It varies with each individual. The average length of time is 30-45 days.
  8. I already take vitamins, why do I need Hair Formula 37™? It is good if you take vitamins but the hair needs specific vitamins, minerals, and proteins (amino acids) not usually found in "multi-vitamins" or not in the right amounts.

What Is Next For Mike Trobee?

Mike told me that he is doing a lot of research on some other hair related products and using his immense hair chemistry knowledge to try and formulate additional products that will provide a better alternative to a lot of things that are currently on the market.

I am already in line as a volunteer to test anything that Mike produces because I am so impressed with the H37.


Mike pointed out that it is important to tell all the Hair Boutique visitors that as always, they should proceed at their own risk and always check with a physician before taking any new supplements that may impact any health care programs that you are currently being followed or prescribed by a physician.

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