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Hair Makeover: Dyed & Fried To Fabulous


Model Patricia (shown to the side) personifies the spectacular results that can occur when brilliantly talented stylist wave their magic styling and color wands to create a brand new image.

("Before" Image of Patricia - courtesy MultiMedia International - style by David Groshen - all rights reserved - 2005).

Getting Started Notes

Before her dramatic eye-popping, mouth-dropping transformation, Patricia wore her medium thick, naturally coarse hair, in a heavily layered flipped end style with volume centered near the top to offset her naturally square face shape.


Genius hairdresser David Groshen (at Face Station Salon in New York City (212) 249-8866) went about creating a makeover masterpiece as he carefully worked around the bottom of Patricia’s layered style using his scissors to break up and level out the existing sharp lines and edges. He skillfully blended the layers so that they flowed harmoniously together to form a wildly flattering shape that played up Patricia sparkling eyes and stunning smile. When David was finished with his masterful trimming, Patricia’s hair had gentle movement and bend.


Years of hair coloring had taken their toll on Patricia’s strands leaving the ends porous and near white. Carefully staged corrective coloring was deployed.

(Image of Patricia during the coloring process of her makeover - Image courtesy MultiMedia International - all rights reserved - 2005).

The first stage of the multi-part coloring process involved adding golden and then red tones to even out the previous hue. Additional ruby tones were used to create the overall base color.

Deeper, richer highlights were painstakingly applied to the sides to provide definition and refinement for the hot new cut. Autumn-hued highlights were woven throughout the entire head bringing instant shimmer and causing the delicate golden tones to radiate and pop.


(Image of Patricia during the styling process of her makeover - Left to right - Cristina Turino of FaceStation, Patricia, model and David Groshen, FaceStation owner - Image courtesy MultiMedia International - all rights reserved - 2005)

To maximize the beauty of Patricia’s stunning new hairstyle and multi-layer hues, David coated Patricia’s freshly washed and towel dried strands with mousse to help build in lots of root lift, fullness and volume.

After applying the mousse, he added a cream defrisant product to help add smoothness and control to Patricia’s naturally coarse cuticles.

David used a small to medium sized metal brush to style and help utilize extra heat from the blow-dryer. He directed the airflow of the blow-dryer towards the roots to help add lots of fullness and volume.

After drying each root section with hot air, he would seal with the dryer’s cold shot button.

As David continued to dry Patricia’s hair, he worked his way down from the roots to the end and used the brush to build in gentle flips on the ends at the back of the style.

("After" Image of Patricia - courtesy MultiMedia International - - all rights reserved - 2005).

He finished his drying and flipping of the ends with a blast of cool shot air.


Once David was finished creating a masterpiece of style and color, makeup artist Cristina Turino applied a beautiful palette of hues to compliment Patricia’s sensual new look.


Patricia’s spectacular makeover would have left the Extreme Makeover Producers in awe. She went from dyed, fried and overly flipped to soft, sensual and sassy. Through the miracle of cut, color and makeup, Patricia became one hot babe.

("After" Image of Patricia - courtesy MultiMedia International - style by David Groshen - all rights reserved - 2005).

Visit David & his fabulous team at Face Station Salon at 855 Lexington Avenue in New York (212) 249-8866 for your own jaw-dropping transformation. Please tell David that Karen at sent you.

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Story Credits

Styles: David Groshen Makeup: Cristina Turino Photographer: Paul Colliton Editorials: Karen Shelton

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