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Dip Dyed Hair Explodes For 2012

Dip Dyed Hair At Missoni Bolon Collection

Dip Dyed Hair Explodes For 2012

If you though the dip dye trend of having the ends of hair dyed a dramatic contrasting color was over, think again.

Prada's Fall 2012 Runway shows were full of striking dip dyed tresses in a rainbow of hues.

Dip dyed tresses are more dramatic than Ombre which is more subtle with the darker roots slowly transitioning into lighter ends.

With Ombre hair color, the goal is to avoid any line of demarcation.  With dip dye hair color, a line of demarcation is highly valued since the line will help highlight the vibrant shades sprinkled throughout the ends.

Although dip dyed hair isn't for everyone, it's a look that is highly valued by fashionistas and hair color pioneers around the world.

Even better, the dipped dyed hair look is being adopted by both men and women of all ages, races and nationalities.

Prada is known for launching new fashion and hair trends.  The designer's dramatic display of bandeau headbands a few years ago triggered a major headband frenzy.

Dip Dye Strands Of JesseJ

Now Prada's use of dip dyed strands has triggered a frenzy of copycat dip dyed models in lookbooks, on the heads of celebrities and on blogs.  The fashion world has embraced dip dye which is the next best thing after Ombre.

Famed fashion house Missoni honored the dip dye trend in their recent collaboration with Bolon, the famed Swedish flooring company.

The collection is a creative merger of functionality and design which offers colorful woven flooring by Missoni Home.  The collection was showcased as part of 2012 Milan Design Week between April 17 and 22nd in Milan, Italy.

The models in the show honored the the three main color collections with vibrant dip dyed strands.

The collection featured three models which included Bayadere, Flame and Optical, with each offering a different color palettes, resulting in at least nine different patterns.  The Bolon by Missoni line is based on the quintessential Missoni design philosophy, combining an energetic and decorated Avant-garde style which is meant to be fun and fabulous.

Dip Dyed Hair Notes

Adam Lambert Turquoise Blue Dipped DyedHair

Listed below are some notes about the dip dyed hair trend to consider:

1.  Dip dyed strands are bolder and more vibrant then Ombre.  Unlike Ombre, dip dyed tresses usually have a line of demarcation.

2.  There are no rules when it comes to dip dyed color combinations.  Although the roots and top of the hair can be either light or dark, the ends usually consist of contrasting colors to make the ends look like they were dipped in a paint can.  For example, raven hair can be dip dyed platinum blonde or someone with a white blonde top can rock raven ends.

3.  Although dip dyed ends are usually just one color to create a more focused and dramatic look, there's no reason you couldn't add a rainbow of colors to the edges.

4.  The dip dyed effect can be created with clip-in or fusion hair extensions if you don't want to risk damage to fragile ends.

5.  While it's possible to create the look at home if you're worried about potential damage or color disasters, see your professional colorist.

Diana Agron Of Glee With Vibrant Pink Dip Dyed Tresses

6.  If your hair is brunette or darker, you will need to first lift the base color and apply the desired dip dyed hue.

7.  When you're starting out with blonde or light red base colors you may be able to apply the desired color to the ends without first lifting the base color.

8.  If you are unsure of the best color to dip dye your ends, take your time and look at the different celebrities who've adopted the trend.

9.  In some cases the color used to dye the ends of your hair, if the ends are porous, will become permanent.  However, the advantage of dip dyed ends is that if you get tired of them you can simply cut them off.

10.  Consider your skin and eye tone before selecting the color you select for dip dying.

11.  Hair of any length can be dip dyed but longer hair has a more dramatic outcome.

12.  Naturally textured hair can be dip dyed as well but unless worn straight, the ends may disappear into the natural texture.  Keep this factor in mind when selecting the colors to dip dye and where to place the concentrated color.

With Prada and Missoni showcasing the hot colored tip trends there's no doubt dip dyed hair will be the hot color scheme for 2012.  Especially since it's already such a popular hair hue look for celebrities around the globe.  Will you be trying dip dyed tresses?

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