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Hair Flowers - Real Or Faux? Pros & Cons


Joss Stone 48th Grammy Awards 02-08-06

Hair Flowers have been around since the beginning of time when Eve tucked a beautiful flower from the Garden of Eden into her long flowing locks.

Throughout history wearing a flower - real or faux - in your hair has telegraphed a message of sensuality.

When selecting a bloom for your tresses there are advantages and disadvantages to both Nature's Best and High Fashion Designs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of hair flower?

Real Hair Flower Advantages

What possibly can add a more beautiful touch to a fabulous hairstyle than one of nature's hair accessories?

1. Nothing beats the intoxicating aroma of a recently picked rose, Star Gazer (my personal favorite), Casa Blanca Lily or gardenia.

2. Real flowers can be ordered from the florist and kept fresh in your refrigerator or snipped from that blooming rose bush in your own back yard.

3. Depending on how you acquire your real flower, it can be very inexpensive. When harvested from your back yard, they're free. Not true when purchased from a florist.

When looking for a great source of flowers, check out flower stands at the end of the day when flowers are often marked down. Grocery stores also offer deals and steals on fresh flowers.

4. High fashion floral accessories may be expensive. Leather flowers affixed to a skinny headband recently debuted by New York hair accessory designer Jennifer Behr costs more than $198 (not including shipping) which can be way out of reach for more hair accessory budgets. Also, leather is not always appropriate for all types of fashion wardrobes.

5. A fresh flower can be spontaneously selected to instantly change a hairstyle from finished and formal to festive and flirtatious.

6. Authentic exotics (Birds of Paradise) may or may not be available in the silk variety.

7. Real hair flowers might be provided by sweethearts wanting to dress up your look or to let you know they find you incredibly fetching.

8. The garden variety can easily be woven into garlands or hair wreaths.

Real Hair Flower Disadvantages

Joss Stone 48th Grammy Awards 02-08-06

Although real flowers offer vibrant hair embellishments, they come with their own challenges.

1. Natural flowers have a short shelf life, especially when exposed to human heat, hot summer nights or other high temperatures. Wilting can definitely be a challenge, especially with some of the more delicate variety such as roses. Other flowers can drop seeds, petals or buds. They can also freeze in cold climates and get accidentally crushed.

One secret tip is to attach a little vial of water to the end of the stem that can help keep your hair flowers looking fresh. If you don’t have that, the flower will definitely wilt and turn brown when it encounters any heat.

2. Some flowers can stain the hair. Star Gazer and Casa Blanca Lillies have deep golden orange pollen in the center which can easily stain clothes and hair.

To prevent stains, before putting the flowers in your hair, wrap a tissue around the ends of the "pollen sticks" (anthers) and slide them right off. If you still get stains, use tape and tap the area of the stain. Do not try to wipe off.

3. The aroma of fresh flowers may smell heavenly to you, but people around you may be allergic to the scent or may find it overpowering. Know your audience before popping a real flower into your tresses.

4. Real flowers do not come prepared to wear in the hair. Sometimes it is challenging to find clips or bobby pins that can securely affix the flower in your hair. Yes, Drew Barrymore makes it look easy when she pops a flower over one ear, but usually she has celebrity hairdresser help making sure the flower stays put.

5. A real flower can usually only be worn once before being discarded forever.

6. There is a real danger of attracting bees, wasps or other flower seeking insects.

Faux Hair Flower Advantages

White Gerber Daisy From Karen Marie Le Fleur Collection Available at

Hair accessory designers never run out of great new flower designs. Whether they look so lifelike you swear they are real, or are designed out of gingham or embellished with tons of Swarovski crystals, there is no end to the fabulous designers flowers available to enjoy.

Although silk flowers are the preference for faux flowers because of their grace and elegance, realistic flowers can be made from other materials including cotton, rayon, polyester and a mix.

1. If you lust for the "real" blossoms but worry about wilting, stands or random sneezing, you can find incredible copies that you will swear are real.

Designer Karen Marie of The Fleur Collection and Karin Wuhrman Mitel of Karin's Garden specialize in finding close copies of Nature's best at affordable prices.

Taking Nature's best designs to the next level is Michelle Roy and Tarina Tarantino who simulate drew drops with stunning arrays of authentic Swarovski Crystals.

2. Faux hair flower accessories can be worn indefinitely since there is no risk of wilting or shedding leaves or pollen stains.

3. Designed to be securely affixed to strands, designer hair flowers are wrapped onto beak clips, bobbies, combs and U shaped chignon pins.

4. When silk hair accessories are worn to a major event such as a Prom or wedding, the flowers become cherished memories that can be shared with sisters, daughters and other members of the family since when cared for appropriately, can last many years, if not longer.

5. Faux hair flowers can be freshened up by clipping to a favorite headband, hat, attaching to shoes, handbags, worn as a wrist corsage or worn like a brooch.

6. Hair flowers created by hair accessory designers offer designs and fabrics that Nature has yet to offer.

Jane Tran offers fresh and innovative flowers made from whimsical gingham.

7. There is minimal danger of being attacked by bees or other flower seeking insects.

8. You are guaranteed lots of compliments for both men and women. Almost everyone loves flowers.

Faux Hair Flower Disadvantages

With the advantages come the disadvantages. Consider some of the following:

1. Even when they are amazing copies, silk or faux flowers are not real. Some hair flower wearers lust for authentic blossoms. Other believe that hair flower accessories, regardless of whether they are faux or fake, may hit the cheesy factor.

2. Faux hair flowers adorned with Swarovski crystals, pearls or other items are at risk of losing the embellishments over time.

3. Flowers, when worn over an extended period of time, may become faded, frayed or become loose from their clips, bobbies or headbands. Although most silk flowers (especially the higher priced ones) last a very long time, they don't always last forever.

4. Nature's flowers can not ever be beat for their incredible beauty, vibrant colors and stunning details.

5. Real flowers are more exotic and opulent than the faux options. Hands down.

6. Silk or other faux flowers can fade in direct sunlight, gather dust or catch on fire when exposed to open flames.


Whether you wish to adorn your hair with real or faux flowers, remember to select blossoms that work well for your budget, your hair length and style and make your hair look fabulous. At that point you can relax and enjoy all the compliments you will receive.

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