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Hair Fix: Fine, Dry, Chemically Treated Hair


Brigid O'Connor 2004 Photo by Jeffrey Hines Hair by Karen M. Shelton Hair Accessory by Karin's Garden All Rights Reserved

Brigid O'Connor who is currently the VP of Operations for has been with the company for four years.

At we find inspiration from our many team members who graciously share their hair challenges with us.

Note: If you would like to share your own hair challenges, fixes or related stories please email me to discuss.

Brigid has baby fine hair which she loves to wear shoulder length or slightly shorter with only a few layers.

In keeping with her strong Irish heritage Brigid has deep blue eyes and perfect creamy skin. She prefers to wear her hair brushed off her face which showcases her stunning facial features.

Although Brigid grew up in the cold and snowy Midwest she loves the more moderate Dallas climate which has definitely impacted her fine tresses, "especially in the Summer heat" which makes her tresses feel "more dry'.

Because she loves to have her hair professionally woven with both highlights and lowlights that play off her natural milk chocolate brown, she has to also protect against chemical hair color damage which also tends to make her hair "feel a little bit drier".

As a rule fine hair is less prone to as severe chemical damage as other hair types but it can still react by becoming more dry and less shiny.

Brigid O'Connor 2004 Photo by Jeffrey Hines Hair by Karen M. Shelton Hair Accessory by Karin's Garden All Rights Reserved

Working at has provided Brigid with opportunities to try many different products for her fine hair which she only washes "every other day or so".

After much experimenting with a variety of hair care products from many of the lines she has found she achieves the best consistent results for her hair with Rene Furterer Fioravanti Volumizing shampoo "which creates fabulous softness and shine with lots of volume".

In the past she has also used Rene Furterer Tonucia Shampoo for Fine & Limp Hair

Brigid liked the Tonucia because it "softens and leaves her hair fuller". Although she achieved great results with Tonucia she is currently "loving the Fioravanti".

Brigid does not dilute the Fioravanti shampoo but does get her hair wet (with lukewarm water) before pouring a little shampoo into her hands to mix with water.

Once suds are formed she gently drizzles it over her head and pats it into her strands.

Because her hair is fine and she wants lots of volume, Brigid avoids using any rinse-out conditioners which can often wear fine strands down. To generate her normal dazzling shine Brigid often finishes with a cool to cold water rinse.

Brigid towel blots her tresses as much as possible to remove excess water and drippage. Once her hair is partially air dried she applies John Frieda Daily Nourishment Leave-in conditioning spray which works to impart softness and block frizz. Brigid reported she "loves the John Frieda Daily Nourishment because it is very light and doesn't weigh her hair down at all".

Brigid O'Connor 2004 Photo by Jeffrey Hines Hair by Karen M. Shelton Hair Accessory by Karin's Garden All Rights Reserved

Note: Another product that helps nourish without weighing the hair down is Tonucia No Rinse Fortifying and Densifying Treatment.

The John Frieda product was specifically created as a spray formula to guarantee that it is very light and will not weight fine tresses down at all. Brigid has found many similar leave-in conditioning products are just too heavy for her fine tresses.

After applying the Daily Nourishment product Brigid blow dries her strands bent over at the waist.

She uses a "large round brush that is approximately 3" in diameter". When her hair is "mostly dry" she finishes by directly the air flow of her blow dryer down the shaft of her hair to add shine.

Although Brigid has a natural shine to her hair, if you want to crank up the shimmer a bit, consider using a tiny spritz of Rene Furterer Spray Gloss sprayed into the palms of your hands and lightly wiped over the top of your finished style.

Hair Accessories

Brigid O'Connor 2004 Photo by Jeffrey Hines Hair by Karen M. Shelton Hair Accessory by Karin's Garden All Rights Reserved

Brigid is a classic beauty who loves beautiful hair accessories.

Although she enjoys wearing gorgeous silk scarves and Charmeuse headbands, she is also a fan of elegant silk flowers like carries from Karen Marie, Karin's Garden and Michelle Roy.

Her hair length and style is perfect for adornment with one stunning flower mounted on a hair clip.

Brigid prefers to wear the flower to one side of her face, she also looks great with one flower pinned at the back of a half up/half down hairstyle.

Brigid has also fallen in love with the HairDo clip-in extensions from HairUWear which gives her instant length. She also loves wearing the Jon Renau products which are specifically designed to add volume.

More Tips For Dealing With Fine Hair That Get Dry

After some experimentation Brigid has created a great hair care routine for her fine hair. Some people with fine strands will discover that their tresses get more dry during the changes of the seasons rather than just in the Summer like Brigid.

Phyto Volume Products 2007 Photo by Jeffrey Hines All Rights Reserved

Fine hair can get more dry in the Winter as well as the Summer. Of course chemical treatments will also tend to make fine hair a little more dry.

When hair is fine it is important to use hair care products that impart enough moisture to soften the dryness without flattening delicate roots.

Sometimes volume enhancing products may actually be slightly drying since they are designed to pump up the strands. Therefore it is always a great idea to find a product that provides softening and volumizing results without adding to any dryness issues.

One of the key challenges of building a customized hair care regime for your hair type, texture and condition is to understand that not all products work for all people. While Brigid has identified a fabulous set of products for her, they may or may not work for you.

Root Lift Tips

Brigid tends to avoid lots of layering with her hairstyles so she is not as interested in building in lots of root lift which some styles require.

JF Lazartique Hair Volume Tonic 2007 Photo by Jeffrey Hines All Rights Reserved

However, when she is glamming up for a night of clubbing Brigid loves to use JF Lazartique Hair Volume Tonic. Brigid has reported she loves the JF Lazartique because "it's not greasy or sticky like some root volumizing products she has tried". The JF Lazartique "is dispensed in a light mist that distributes very evenly". Brigid adores how full the Hair Volume Tonic makes her strands feel.

When applying the JF Lazartique Hair Volume Tonic Brigid takes individual sections of hair (about a handful at a time) and pulls it away from her head. She sprays the roots liberally. Brigid noted "she sections her hair into 5-6 sections and then treats the roots for each section".

If you wish to pump up the roots along with the overall hair volume, consider trying a root lifter like JF Lazartique or some of the other great root lift products on the hair market from all the great hair care lines like JF Lazartique, Phyto, Rene Furterer and Leonor Greyl.

Note: Phyto makes a fabulous product known as PhytoVolume Actif which is a favorite of many accessories.

Phyto also offers an entire volume enhancing system which helps pump up the fullness factor without weighing strands down.


Everyone is unique and deserves to follow the best path for their hair. Life is too short to suffer with hair care products that go against your true comfort hair zone. So go out there and find the products that gives you true joy.

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