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Hair Bleaching Root Touchup - Roots Or All Of The Hair


Lady Gaga 2009

It was well-known in Hollywood that some of the original white blonde celebrities like Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren.

It has been reported that Jean Harlow had a hair dresser used a special cotton tipped stick and some mixed bleach to carefully touch-up her dark roots at least once a week to make sure her snowy white hair remained pure as the driven snow.

In the days of Jean, platinum blondes were relatively rare and it was important to give the illusion it was natural blonde, even though in Jean's case it wasn't.

Of course Marilyn, Jayne and Mamie were also bottle blondes as they were called back in the day.

Modern day platinum blondes include Pamela Anderson, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, to name just a few. Men have joined the bleached hair brigade and one of the best platinum male blondes today is Blogger Perez Hilton.

Most hair experts don't recommend you bleach your own hair at home unless you have a long history of successfully doing so, are a hairdresser or have one readily available.

Bleached Blonde Pamela Anderson 2010

Bleaching is still considered one of the most damaging processes you can put your hair through. Why?

Bleach, regardless of the type used, is defined as an active agent. This means that even after the bleach is completely rinsed from your hair, it will continue to have an effect.

Whether your hair is bleached by a professional haircolorist, which is definitely recommended, or DIY, it's always important to make sure your hair is healthy enough to handle it.

If you want to go white blonde with bleach, consider partnering your white white strands with a much short cut. This is the best way to rock bleached blonde with minimal damage to your ends.

Bleach Has Fallen Out Of Favor In Some Circles

Hard core bleaching has been replaced, especially over the past few years, with much softer and natural looking blondes which combine highlights and lowlights for more dimension.

The reason bleach has fallen out of favor is because it can permanently damage hair causing it to become brittle and suffer from a loss of natural elasticity.

Touching Up Just The Roots

Perez Hilton 2009

If you do your bleach at home and your natural hair is a dark color, you will have to be meticulous about keeping your roots retouched. Dark roots against platinum white hair will be much more noticeable than some of the highlight/lowlight color schemes utilized by many hair colorists.

A very common question is whether or not you should touch up just your roots or all of your hair.

The answer is to only touch up your roots and be extremely careful not to overlap onto previously bleached hair. Which explains why Jean Harlow's hairdresser touched up her roots with a cotton stick dipped in bleach. That allowed her hairdresser to be completely precise about making sure there was no risk of overlapping.

Why? Because if you continued to overlap from the new roots to the original bleached hair, there is a danger of discoloration, breakage at the overlap line and brittleness.


Bleaching hair has been proven to damage the internal structure of the cuticle. If you love the white blonde look, be sure to use special care with any type of touch-up, maintenance or aftercare.

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