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Filigree Swirl Barrette in Tokoyo All Rights Reserved


Romantic legend has it that Cleopatra captured the heart of Marc Anthony when she toasted him with a glass of wine infused with the crushed remains of a priceless pearl.

Cleo was also famous for covering her body from her tresses to her toes with exquisite gems and ornaments.

Thousands Of Years Of Ornaments

Historically, hair ornaments have been worn by both men and women, for many thousands of years.

Like fashion, hair accessory designs change with the social and political climates.

Romantic hair baubles date back to the Edwardian, Victorian and Art Nouveau periods famous for soft, delicate lines and curves.

Image of Swirl Slide in Tokyo All Rights Reserved


Any special event which requires soft, lacy and romantic fashions can be instantly enhanced with a range of hair gems. 

Especially those which incorporate elegant and feminine designs.  

Or those ranging from stunning hair slides, filigree barrettes and crystal encrusted hair clips.

Decorative Hair Slides

Stunning hair ornaments like breathtaking circular, looped and delicate lacy lattice barrettes and hair slides will remain popular indefinitely.

Hair slides are timeless and have been popular off and on since the very earliest days of hair jewelry when crude shells and sticks were fashioned to hold hair up off the neck.

Image of Laurent Olivier - Greek Key in Tokyo All Rights Reserved


Slides were wildly popular during the 60s Hippie era often taking the form of hand made metal, leather and beaded pieces.

Easy to use and wear, hair slides are available in all sizes and shapes. They can be worn by most hair types and lengths.

Hair Slides Can Be Worn By Those With Short Strands As Accent Pieces

Versions of hair slides can even be worn by people with short strands as small accent pieces.

Hair slides usually consists of two pieces.

The face plate generally contains holes at either end to hold the stick which slides in place anchoring a ponytail, bun or section of hair.

Some sticks are attached to the face place by a cord. Others have slide sticks which are independent.

Utilize a slide for a half up/half down wavy do. Or create a stunning braid and fold the tail of the braid up against your nape using the slide to hold the extra hair in place.

Filigree Leaf Barrettes

Bellissima - Cutout Leaf Barrette in Honey All Rights Reserved


Gorgeous filigree leaf barrettes made from luxury tortoise materials are additional candidates for popular appeal.

A very fine hair jewelry item, the filigree barrette consists of a curved lacy hand-made front piece mounted upon a gold plated barrette fitting.

Each piece is carefully hand-polished to perfection and is a work of wearable hair art.

Edwardian Period

Delicate hair slides and filigree barrettes are a perfect accessory for the ethereal looks of the Edwardian period. 

The time period was marked by elegant and feminine fashions harking back to French Royalty of the 18th century. 

It included neo-classical and Rococo influences.

More importantly, these designs are wonderful hair accessories for any romantic hair event.

Romantic Hair Jewels

Traditional romantic jeweled motifs that portray delicate lace, bows, roses and hearts will also flourish, working well with the new looks highlighting soft curls, waves and ringlets.

Photo of Bellissima Large Filigree Barrette In Slate
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Whether you have short or long locks, you can enjoy the new romantic hair jewels.

Select pieces which evoke thoughts of romantic periods from the past.

For short to medium tresses look for delicate accent pieces which contain rich details, delicate, open or pierced styling.

Larger Designs For Longer Hair

For longer or thicker locks check out slightly larger jewelry designs such as the new hair slides and loops that feature open-worked styling to present a delicate appearance and balance.

These sizzling hot new designs are also perfect to offset a classic French Twist or updo.

Image of Antique Barrette In Tokyo All Rights Reserved


Delicate pearl and cameo studded hair clips along with soft-colored light blue and rose gemstone hairpins are also traditionally associated with romantic hair accessories.

Accent Or Anchor A Cascade Of Curls

Use them to accent or anchor a beautiful cascade of curls.

Mother-of-pearl barrettes, headbands and ponies are also a staple of a well-rounded romantic hair jewelry wardrobe.

A wide range of romantic filigree barrettes, gorgeous slides and related romantic accessory items are available in a number of rich shades and designs.

Revised Publication Date: 07/03/2021

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