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Discovering Crème au Diamant by Gemology At Cosmoprof 2009

One of the greatest benefits of attending any of the Comsoprof Shows is the opportunity to learn about the latest product innovations for hair, skin, nails, body and beauty.

As I walked through the many exhibits at the recent 2009 Cosmoprof (held in Las Vegas, Nevada) many fabulous new and revamped products caught my eye.

Of course I am also fascinated by the various International products the US media might not know as much about.

Twitter was one such European company with a fabulous product I was not acquainted with.

This amazing product naturally preserves and protects skin from the damaging effects of the environment while providing added strength from authentic diamond particle and orchid extract. 

These two innovative ingredients lifts, tones and smoothes fine lines for the creation of more youthful skin.

Gemology, which is based in France (1 rue Garnier-92200 Neuilly sur Seine, France) has uncovered the synergies between the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, with a specific ingredient present in the entire product line; a wise compounding of gems and rose petal extract, providing a unique « Zen » and soothing effect.

Gemology understands and promotes products which act in favour of your skin's health, formulated with natural preservatives, free from paraben, alcohol, glycol and silicone.

Creme au Diamant has invested in the creation of ultra-modern formulas amazingly evolve during the application and offer fresh sensations: the cleansing milk changes into water; the day cream becomes a gel on the skin.

This innovative skin care company believes our skin is so precious it deserves the most beautiful jewel.  Which ties into their use of precicious stones ground into ultra-fine dust and utilized for ultimate beauty.

How Does Gemology Incorporate Precious Gems?

As explained on the Gemology website, the company in partnership with respected research laboratories have developed two ways of using the Gems (precious and semiprecious minerals) that have cosmetic attributes.

A first scientific process combines a grinding step with different reactions known as « complexation » ones. Each gem is liquefied and then stabilized to the cutaneous pH in order to present a perfect tolerance and a maximum biological activity.

For example, the Malachite which is a copper-filled sacred stone from Ancient Egypt will release anti-free radical attributes. On the other hand, the pearled or silky smithsonite is zinc-full and will protect the skin cells from stress and attacks.

A second technique changes Tourmaline, Sapphire, Diamond and other gems in microscopic particles that will be then integrated into creams, gels or serums. The precious and semiprecious particles have piezoelectric attributes : they are polarized under a stress and reflect the energy in the infrared. The cutaneous micro-stream is enhanced and the skin regains luminance and radiance.

Harmonious blend of luxury and efficiency, the micronized gems or their extracts are becoming from now on the cosmetic actives of which your skin will be the jewel case.

To learn more about this fabulous French based company check out the Gemology website located at:

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