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Yes it's possible for grooms or the men in their wedding part to have a bad hair day on their wedding.

Can you think of a worse nightmare than struggling through bad hair at your nuptials.

Of course you will have those wedding photos to remind you and future generations of your wedding hair challenges.

Insuring great hair at your wedding requires that you follow the basics:

1. Stick with the tried and true. For some reason both brides and grooms decide to make a major change to their hair color, length or style just before the wedding.

Why? I don't really understand it but it happens more frequently than you can imagine.

If you have an itch to dump your classic men's cut for a Mohawk and have not talked it over with your bride and at least two of your sanest friends, don't even go there.

Keep everything status quo from your hairdresser or barber to your standard length, style and products.

2. Get at least one wedding cut before the final haircut. Many brides practice with their hair for months before the event. Why not guarantee perfect results by having a practice cut?

Discuss your upcoming nuptials with your regular hairstylist. Consider how fast your hair grows and if there are any hair challenges to be addressed. Do you have swirls or other hair anomalies? How do you please to address them to avoid them becoming a bad wedding hair day look?

If you color or get your hair highlighted ask your hairdresser how far in advance you need to get your strands touched up so that they look fresh but not too newly done for your nuptials?

3. Do not get your hair cut on the day of your wedding. Listen to the advice of your hairstylist. If you don't have a hairstylist you trust, get your hair cut approximately 6-7 days before the wedding. This gives your hair time to settle into the cut.

4. Deal with flakes. If you have chronic problems with eczema or related scalp disorders, consider selecting a lighter colored tuxedo or custom wedding suit. Keep in mind that white flakes on a dark tux will show up in the wedding photos.

5. Go with the pro. When your budget allows, why not do as your bride does and visit the salon on the day of the wedding for a shampoo, blow dry and styling? This takes the burden of worrying about what styling products to utilize off your shoulders.

6. Pack emergency bad hair solutions. If you find your hair acting up, remember that if you lightly spritz it with water and apply the appropriate styling product you can wipe out unruly locks.

7. Experiment weeks before the wedding. You may want to experiment with styling products before the wedding if you want to go for a more finished look than normal. Work with your stylist on the best products for your hair type, texture and style. A good gel will help control the most unruly hair but is not appropriate for hair that is thinning.

8. Consult first. Talk over your hair styling plans with your bride to avoid wedding day shock or bridal tears. Remember that simple and classic wins the day.


With a little advance planning and some careful thought every groom can be virtually guaranteed a great wedding hair day.

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