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Great Looks You Can Flip Over For Summer 2002


The hottest short hair trends for Summer 2002 feature chopped, sliced, shredded and tousled ethereal dos that incorporate a wild range of mixed textures.

From celebrities to catwork cuties, look for shattered layers to appear everywhere. The reason? These styles will give hair a sexy and playful look.

(Above: Calista Flockhart as Ally on ALLY MCBEAL on FOX. 2001 FOX BROADCASTING Copyright: 2001/2002 FOX).

Soft curls will continue to grow in popularity while razored hair partnered with natural waves will create soft romantic looks. Look for longer pixies coupled with wispy bangs and loose tendrils.

Retro and unusual crimped styles will continue to grow in popularity along with blunt cut full bangs, baby accent braids and deep side parts. The key focus will be on wearing short versatile styles that are designed to morph into a variety of looks with the help of a blow dryer, round brush, styling irons and a quick flick of wax.

Vibrant Hues

Hair colors are much richer, deeper, and enhance the total look and movement of the do. Stylists are no longer hugging the safe subtle shades. Colors for Summer are brightly daring with major infusions of multi-dimensional red hues.

Look for vibrant reds to dominate over all other colors. Cookies and cream shades of coffee and chocolate blended with vanilla and creamy whites will continue to be some of the most widely requested highlight/lowlight color combos.

(Above: XFile beauties Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) and red haired Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) show off their softly flipped edgey bobs. 2001FOX BROADCASTING - All rights reserved)

Blondes are going lighter around the face and near the hairline. Many are also opting for darker shades underneath to give the overall color more depth and dimension.

Carpe Diem

Take your own hairstyle into high gear with a gorgeous look that compliments your lifestyle while providing you with options to express your individuality. Regardless of your face shape, hair texture or length, there are some fabulous Summer styles that will offer instant transformation. Whether you lust after haphazard, tapered layers or lots of swing, seize the moment to select a fabulous style.

A Little Bit Choppy With A Hint Of Flicks

The secret to this chin length sleek-flicked style is that it is extremely versatile and is perfect for straight, medium-textured, hair. Choppy uneven layers were spliced around the edges of the style to give it a hint of fringed bedhead messiness and sultry movement. Frappacino colored highlights were carefully woven in to add dimension and interest. Keep those lush colors sparkling bright with color shampoos, conditioners and styling gels. (All photos copyright of Styles by Barbara Lhotan, Photography by Eric Von Lockhart).

Maximize your hair’s texture and manageability by choosing the right styling products. To get this choppy look utilize a good smoothing lotion before blow drying to help calm frizz and create a sleek glossiness. Achieve a smooth edgy finish by using a boar’s bristle paddle brush to direct your dryer’s airflow down your hair cuticle from the roots to the ends. This maximizes movement and shine. Finish with a little dab of serum to achieve a silky shine. Use a hot flat iron to get super stick-straight lines.

Still hot, tiny hair flicks and flips provide instant lift to fine hair. Experiment with edgy variations by using a round brush and hair wax or paste to craft new shapes.

This style can easily be flipped or flicked up with just a touch of product and some hot tools. Scrunch damp strands with a good styling balm, gel or mousse.

Use a round brush to direct ends into a soft flip or choppy flicks as you blow dry. Add tiny flicks at the bottom of the style by using a small (3/8" to 1/2") barreled curling iron on dry ends and direct the iron gently upwards. Coat your fingertips with a little bit of hair paste or warm wax and glide through the ends for instant separation and definition.

Instantly change this easy-to-style look by adding full blunt cut bangs or a deep side part. Substitute tiny accent braids in multi-colored hues for the headband.

Play with a wide range of the latest hair accessories. Dress this sexy style up for eveningwear with jeweled headbands, a set of crystal studded hairclips, barrettes, hairpins or tiny rhinestone claw clips.

Cranking Up The Movement Factor

The bob is bad and this flirty chin length bob is all the rage. This style has cheek level squared-off layers carefully blended into perimeter strands. Soft golden highlights mixed with just a hint of caramel are woven skillfully through the strands for a magnificent shimmer.

This classic look works for short to medium hair lengths that are fine to medium in texture. Naturally curly or wavy hair may incorporate a version of this style by using a finger diffuser attachment to help define and add fullness.

Style this look by finger raking a light coating of warm hair wax through damp hair. Add volume gel to the roots for maximum root lift. Dry the hair with the head upside down to add texture. When the hair is 90% dry use a medium round brush on right side up hair to flip the ends and smooth the top layer.

Enhance the flip by scrunching a little hair wax or paste through the length. Remember to soften the wax in the palms of your hands first in order to get a consistent piecey look.

Instantly create a highly texturized and stunning finish by pulling random strands forward onto your face with your fingers to add a new dimension to the look. For additional movement style with a metal vent brush while drying. Texture the ends with wax, paste or hair grease to define and separate. Leave the top section straight to create a wilder look. A spritz of finishing spray will help hair stay perfectly in place.

For a dressier look create tiny braids and weave them across the crown instead of a headband. Or tie small knots randomly around the crown and hold in place with tiny-jeweled hair clips.

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