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Gorgeous Gray Hair


Diana Lewis Jewell

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There’s a new moment in the world of female Baby Boomers. They're embracing their gray in record numbers.

Baby boomers are discovering that gray hair can be glorious! Of course anything worth having requires some time and research.

Does gray, silver, pewter, white or similar hues require extra work? Not really. All types, textures, lengths of hair may experience challenges ranging from excessive dryness to lack of shine, limpness and frizz.

Of course gray hair can be dull and frizzy, but all hair can experience the same issues as gray hair.

If you know how to take of your hair before it's gray, then you'll also know the right things to do to care for your gray hair.

One common challenge with gray hair is that it may loss it's ability to reflect light but the right products can make all the difference in creating shimmer and shine.

Guru Of Gray Hair

Diana Lewis Jewell has been called everything from “the guru of gray hair,” to “Moses leading us out of the wilderness of hair coloring” as the author of Going Gray, Looking Great!, the first book of its kind for women considering letting their silver shine.

In early 2008, she founded a website dedicated to women even thinking about going natural.

Here, she dispenses advice daily, helping women go through the dreaded transitioning process, select the right makeup and wardrobe for their newly silvered locks, consider coloring procedures or care-taking hair products that might boost or enhance their gray, and, indeed decide if going gray is right for them.

The website has fostered a strong, supportive community, is logged into in 46 countries, and has an active Membership chatting daily on its pages.

She points out that “going natural” is a mega-trend not envisioned at the time she wrote the book. “We’re now seeing two generations embracing authenticity, both boomers and Gen-Xers,” she says, “and it has to do with so many factors beyond a simple decision to stop coloring.”


As a former Marketing Director of Vogue Magazine and Promotion Director of Seventeen, Diana Lewis Jewell knows the business of bringing beauty and fashion alive for women everywhere. She has written seven non-fiction books, including the longest-selling beauty book of all time, Making Up by Rex. Many of her books can still be found on the internet.

Also the founder of Jewell Creative, Diana has spent many years as a freelance writer for a host of top-tier fashion, cosmetic, skincare, fragrance, media, marketing and pr companies. She is also a contributing editor to three websites.

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