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Go Modern: The New Modern Elixirs Collection A Piece of Modern Luxury


(Beverly Hills, California - August 15, 2002) Disconnection is in, with cuts that partner geometric design with shattered, uneven edges. The new Modern Elixirs Collection - featuring cuts, color and styles created by John Paul Mitchell Systems Master Associates Jimy Angel and Melissa Jaquas well as John Paul Mitchell Systems National Educator Angus Mitchell - offers the modern way to stay on top of the trends. It also introduces new Modern Elixirs Illuminating shine Spray - a unique finishing tool that creates high shine and enhances natural texture. (Photos copyright Paul Mitchell Systems - all rights reserved).

Quirk It Up (Angus Mitchell)

Undercutting, counterbalance and color designed to accentuate the disconnection make clients stand out from the crows. Prep with Refining Shampoo and Refining Conditioner. Begin cut on wet hair and then blow-dry with Styling Serum. Then dry cut using a "chewing" movement of the scissors, the shears never closing completely at the weight line from the undercut bottom segment. Finish with Illuminating Shine Spray. (Photos copyright Paul Mitchell Systems - all rights reserved).

Stroke It Out (Melissa Jaqua)

Hair is colored first to act as guide for the cut. Prep with Color Therapy Shampoo and Color Therapy Conditioner. Dry hair with Styling Serum and flat iron with Finishing Spray for a smooth flat finish to prepare for cut. First cut geometric lines in front and at the nape of the neck in the back which is going to act as a shadow underneath hair that will be shattered on top of it. Shape of internal layers is "like a table top", shorter at the top and get gradually longer at the perimeter. Stroking technique is used to remove weight and maintain length. Finish with Illuminating Shine Spray. (Photos copyright Paul Mitchell Systems - all rights reserved).

Twist and Shout (Jimy Angel)

Prep with Bodifying Shampoo and Bodifying Conditioner. Enhancing Foam applied prior to haircut because helps hair dry faster and keeps more securely in place. First cut geometric lines in the front section, then point cut your way through the length. In the back twist hair tightly in sections use "whittling" movement of the shears work down the entire section. Dry with diffuser, place barrel pin curls throughout the design to create soft flat curls and flat iron the pin curls to create a long-lasting set. Remove and comb through with fingers and finish with Illuminating Shine Spray and Finishing spray. (Photos copyright Paul Mitchell Systems - all rights reserved).

The Product

Modern Elixirs utilizes custom-blended Activated Botanicals and futuristic technology to achieve targeted results - such as to refine, bodify and provide color therapy including extension, protection, and brightening. Award-winning, versatile styling products produce a healthy feel and finish on all hair lengths and textures-whether you want to define, texturize, refine or bodify. And now they offer a chic, updated design. (Photos copyright Paul Mitchell Systems - all rights reserved).

"The amazing thing about Modern Elixirs," says Master Associate Melissa Jaqua, "is that you can get the styling mileage you need from the products, yet still have hair that is light and touchable."

The Brand

Modern Elixirs offers high performance natural hair care, a newly-updated sleek and modern design, and service and retail opportunities that can bring a salon to the next level. This unique brand enables hairdressers to evolve with their clientele, to 'Charge More and Do More.' It gives beauty professionals the support they need to identify and better service the 'designer hair care' client - the client who wants the ultimate salon experience and will happily pay to get it. (Photos copyright Paul Mitchell Systems - all rights reserved).

To learn more about Modern Elixirs education and the Modern Elixirs product line, and/or to get to the new Modern Elixirs Collection video, salon owners and hairdressers should contact their John Paul Mitchell Systems Salon Consultant or Distributor.

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