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Geena Davis: Gorgeous 2007 Golden Globes Hairstyle


Geena Davis Golden Globes 2007 12-15-07 All Rights Reserved

Mega talented celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell reached into his Golden Globe bag of magic hairdressing tricks to weave a stunningly beautiful twisted updo for movie star Geena Davis.

Robert's hair work is constantly viewed on the Red Carpets, at the cinema and in millions of private homes around the world.

And no wonder, he creates a dizzying array of award winning styles.

Just when I thought Robert had completely outdone himself with eye popping jaw dropping hairstyles for Geena, he created an even more spectacular style.

The 2007 Golden Globes event was no different. Lucky for me I was able to catch Robert via cell phone as he literally was leaving Geena's side as she made her way to the awards.

Of course I begged Robert for every last styling detail and he graciously shared Geena's Golden Globes stunning hairstyle scoops.

Robert reminded me of his recent pre-Golden Globe awards meeting with Geena where she showed him sketches of her gown which was a breathtaking David Meister design and they discussed possible hair options.

As always, Robert's goal was to create a hairstyle Geena would adore which also complimented her gown while working in harmony with Geena's hair length, texture and type.

For the 2007 Golden Globe awards Robert "wanted to go with a very different look from any previous award hairstyles and wanted to put her hair up".

He described his ultimate hair design as "very romantic, yet sort of modern, de-constructed and very tousled". The style "did not have a fringe of any kind and it was pulled back without any part".

Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell Golden Globes 2007 12-15-07

Robert Hallowell All Rights Reserved

He reported that Geena's Merlot hued updo (which he recently colored with Goldwell) "was shaped like a French twist except it had absolutely no twist".

Instead, the updo was a very carefully constructed "basket weave inspired array of curls and artfully tucked layers of hair finished with beautiful little flowers interlaced into the final weave".

Robert was "very pleased with the finished hairdo" and noted "it came out really great and worked perfectly to show off her stunning earrings provided by De Grisogono and the breathtaking gown".

Of course I needed to know how Robert created the updo so I could share all the steps with any of you that wish to steal her stunning Red Carpet style.

Robert noted he "absolutely loved her gorgeous gown that was created from incredibly sumptuous material in a stunning Periwinkle blue hue".

He told me the gown was "very soft and flowing" and "would look fantastic when Geena glided across the stage to present the Golden Globe award".

Geena's Long Term Celebrity Hairdresser

The celebrity hair gods again smiled on me this year. Robert gave me a blow by blow-dryer accounting of whipping up Geena's tresses for the 2007 Golden Globes, just as did for the 2006 awards.

Robert, who was "The President's resident Hairdresser" for her award winning role on Commander In Chief (CIC) has been working with the ruby haired beauty for years, since her star turn in Angie (1994).

Robert has worked behind the chair, the lights and at all hours of the day and night for Geena through several movie and TV roles.

Perfect Hair

Robert told me that his goal was to coif Geena in a style that worked with what he envisioned was "an updated, modern version of a very romantic Greek Goddess."

The most important thing, for Robert, "was to make sure that Geena's ultimate hairstyle" worked in perfect harmony with her jaw-dropping elegant gown and the jeweled accessory creations.

Styling Secrets - Step By Step

1. Working in unison with Geena's longtime fashion stylist (Vivian Turner) and make-up artist (Bonita Dehaven), who created stunning ruby red lips, Robert started by applying his Love That Shine Elixir to the ends of Geena's damp, pre-washed strands.

Note: Geena pre-washed her tresses with Robert's shine booster Prawduct shampoo and shine booster conditioner.

2. Before blow drying Geena's hair he liberally sprayed her roots with his Prawduct - super volumizing tonic to build in lots of lift, volume and movement.

3. Using his fingers and hands as well as a round brush to "lift, lift, lift" Robert carefully "went through all of the top and side sections of Geena's dark ruby strands with the blow dryer to get maximum volume, movement and root lift".

4. After Geena's hair was completely dry Robert meticulously "flat ironed Gina's hairline about 1 1/2 inches back from the forehead as well as ear to ear" He reported "this gave me a really clean front edge allowing me to re-create the texture with the iron".

"I do this to ensure it has a finish or quality to the final look that is needed for this type of event". It also insures a "good foundation" to hold the hairstyle for many hours since I would not personally be with her for any emergency touch-ups".

Of course Robert also wanted to make sure that Geena's hair "stood up to the test of Red Carpet twirling and mega media posing". He also noted that "volume was key for achieving the perfectly balanced basket woven appearance".

Note: Robert used the brand new FHI Heat Runway iron with 100% ceramic plates. The master hairdresser said he found the new iron to be "really interesting" because "of its design and the way it had a slight arc to it". Robert was thrilled to discover he could "use the iron for both curling and flat ironing" which he did on Geena's hair.

5. After Robert finished flat ironing the individual sections, he then used the FHI Iron and "curled the rest of Geena's hair with the same hot iron". Because his goal was "to create a de-constructed look", he was careful to "avoid creating any type of specific curl pattern".

Robert said "to create long lasting texture at the base of the style it was important to use the iron wrapped around hair in a wide range of directions". As a result, "he curled random sections of hair in varying directions of up, down, frontward and backward".

He "rolled individual 1 1/2" thick strands around the outside of the FHI barrel (avoiding the clip which can cause creases) long enough to create a curl".

6. After he created each new curl, he pin curled it into place against Geena's scalp with clippies to allow it to "cool and set and build in additional volume".

7. When he "finished carefully curling Geena's entire head of hair", he "misted the pinned curls with the new L'Oreal Tex Infinium #2 Hairspray - #2 Formula" for building the style.

Robert let Geena's hair "firmly set" for approximately 30 minutes before he took the curls out of their pins.

8. Using his fingers to "break up and deconstruct the curls" he used "a small barrel iron to fine tune curls along the crown of the head and along the back as needed".

After unpinning the strands, he used "his fingers to gently break up and tousle the array of newly created curls".

9. Resting his dream cream on his left hand, he dipped his right fingertips into the cream and ran his fingers down the entire length of individual 3-4" panels of hair.

10. He then "wrapped each individual dream cream coated panel of hair into a type of basket weave pattern".

Once each section "was layered into the proper position against the scalp, Robert anchored it firmly against Geena's scalp with double crossed hair pins".

Robert confided that he "always uses crossed pins for a secure hold".

A master film, television, hair and makeup artist, Robert understands that the lights and cameras can pick-up the tiniest flaw in any hairstyle and magnify it. Being careful to discreetly anchor the behind-the-ear section with matte pins "that would not pick up the lights".

11. Each section of hair "was layered over and under the previous sections "until all of the hair "was carefully woven together into a stunning work of hair art."

12. After the updo was completely finished to Robert's liking, he finished his Golden Globe Masterpiece with a light spritz of love that shine spray to give Geena a final glow.

13. He then spritzed it with a final spray of L'Oreal Tex Infinium #3 to set the style.

Robert noted "it was really windy in LA today" and "Geena only had to cross the street for firm hold".

Robert reported he "actually met Geena and her Golden Globe celebrity prep team at a plush hotel right near the auditorium so that the star could easily walk to the event and avoid the famous traffic jams leading to the event".

14. Once the shine spray and L'Oreal hair spray had completely dried of her spectacular hairstyle, Robert interlaced a series of tiny flowers provided by stylist Vivian Turner into Geena's gorgeous updo.

15. After the style was perfectly finished to Robert's satisfaction, he went home to watch his handiwork on television.

His Inspiration

The finished updo brilliantly showcased Geena's gorgeous jeweled De Grisogono earrings and her stunning David Meister gown.

Robert Hallowell, like the truly great Hollywood Hairdressers of all time, worked with Geena Davis 24/7 when Commander In Chief was shooting onset.

No one truly understands or appreciates what it takes in terms of time, energy, devotion, love and commitment to toil behind the chair of TV's one hour drama shows.

Robert is not only one of the very best hairdressers in the TV biz, he is a veteran of many award winning shows (2 1/2 Men, Less Then Perfect) including doing the pilots for shows such as Mary Louise Parker's award winning Weeds.

Robert draws his inspiration for the spectacular hairstyles that Geena wears, both on and off camera, from his long relationship with the star.

He clearly respects, loves and understands who she is, what she desires to project with each setting she is in and how the gorgeous star feels most beautiful.

The trust, friendship, dedication and support that Robert and Geena share from many years of working together manifests in the hair styles that Robert creates for her.

But don't take my word for it. Just check out Geena's hairstyle she wore for her 2007 Golden Globe win and you will see what I mean. Could she have looked any more gorgeous or splendid? It's hard to imagine how.

Congratulations to Robert for Geena's 2007 Golden Globe award winning style.

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