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Feng Shui Principles For Hair & Beauty


Feng shui (pronounced fung shway, fung shui or feng shway depending on your roots) traces its roots back several thousand years ago to the beginning of farming and agriculture in China. When it is literally translated, the words mean wind and water and is based on living in perfect harmony with nature.

There are different published opinions about the beginnings of Feng shui. Some writers believe that it was discovered by Chinese farmers who noticed that the success or failure of their annual crops could be directly linked to how they planted. Others state that it was related to the location of burial grounds. Whether you believe the burial ground or the farmers theory, the focus was to experiment with elements to uncover the relationship of the land’s energy or Qi (pronounced chee).

The experts believe that Feng shui works by analyzing and altering the flow of energy in our environment to produce designed changes. Feng shui teaches that every physical object in our surroundings has an influence on our lives. By altering how energy of “chi” flows around and through these surrounds, we can promote happiness, prosperity, good health and good hair.

Vital Energy Force

Although I personally believe in the benefits of Feng shui, it is not a topic that should be taken lightly and I do not claim in any way to be a subject expert. While it is always beneficial to read up on Feng shui it is also not wise to undertake a major project without the help and advice of a true expert.

There has been controversy over the past few years about who the true experts really are and whom you should trust. Be careful when you seek advice from advertised Feng shui experts. There are only a few teachers in the United States who are truly qualified to teach and practice sophisticated Feng shui. Truly understanding the ancient work requires many years of study.

If you would like to read the work of some widely recognized experts, check out “A Master Course in Feng Shui” by Eva Wong or “The Feng Shui Handbook: A Practical Guide to Chinese Geomancy” by Derek Walters. Be leery of books written by authors who obviously are not trained in Chinese culture. Eva and Derek are true scholars who have committed their lives to the study of Chinese culture and proper education of the public.

Although I favor this work I have always utilized carefully selected parishioners for advice and suggestions. I have found true experts through the advice of Chinese friends and associates. While Feng shui continues to be met with skepticism by some people, large businesses and corporations like Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Shanghai and Hong Kong Banks and the Wall Street Journal have used Feng shui to improve harmony within their worlds.

Balance In Your Hair Care World

It occurred to me one day that if Feng shui could benefit business issues it could possibly help hair, skin and personal beauty challenges. After some discussion with my Chinese friends I contacted Wanda Merrill, a Dallas based Feng shui consultant, to get her thoughts about how this ancient art might influence hair and beauty related issues.

Wanda explained that in general there are three basic Feng shui principles that are required for a successful outcome of any kind.

These goals include:

1. A connection to a specific purpose

2. Balance of emotions and power

3. Proper vitality to accomplish your mission

Whether talking about business challenges or dealing with issues of hair and beauty, Feng Shui can impact the outcome if the three major goals are identified and pursued.

Connect To The Purpose

Chi energy moves through the human body as well as making its way through all areas of life including working and living spaces. The area where you shampoo, style and care for your hair and appearance is impacted by chi. Good chi can energize and inspire great results or it can dampen and destroy the efforts. If you are interested in creating a more pleasing appearance or promoting positive change in your hair, you qualify as having a specific purpose. To utilize Feng shui principles you must be connected to a specific purpose.

If hiring a trained consultant is not feasible, Wanda suggested that some basic changes can be easily made to enhance the flow of positive chi around beauty and hair issues. Feng shui can be quite complex and involves many different variables and considerations. It is important to note that Wanda’s suggestions were designed to provide general guidelines and ideas.

Creating Balance

Since balance is a key to positive results and direction of power, Wanda pointed out that the room where all hair and beauty treatments are performed should adhere to basic Feng shui rules starting with the shape of the room. When possible it is best to do hair and beauty care in a space that is rectangular or square.

Although many Feng shui experts would probably tell you to avoid using a bathroom as your beauty and hair work area, Wanda advised that a room be used that is separated from the commode by a door that closes. A large vanity area that is separated from the actual restroom would be an excellent choice.

Clutter, chaos, dirt and dust are definite negatives for creating pleasing beauty experiences. Dust bunnies hiding in corners can impact the balance and prevent positive chi to flow. The first step is to select the room where you will spend the most hair and beauty care time and then clean it avoiding the use of lots of air clogging chemicals.

Remember that neatness counts. Throw out unused bottles and old hair and beauty products past their prime. Untangle cords, put hot curlers back in their case. Clean out cluttered cabinets and throw away any junk that you can find.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will keep wires and cords from blow dryers untangled, neatly coiled and in their place. Adopt a regular weekly cleaning schedule to police and clean up your hair and beauty care areas.

Keep any mirrors clean and bright. If you are using a looking glass mirror for styling purposes, it should be positioned the same height as your head. Oval mirrors that are plain without any engraving or printing are best.

By adding a few simple objects and following some basic Feng shui placement guidelines, your beauty and hair space will look more attractive and you will reap the many benefits of a more positive, auspicious energy flow. When you utilize the Chinese art of placement it can definitely help achieve great hair and beauty results.

Balance Emotions And Power

The way the beauty and hair care area is arranged can either work to create ultimate goals or impede them. Establishing a special hair and beauty care sanctuary that allows for nurturing is important. The nourishment of hair and skin is as much a product of focus and intent as it is on the tools that are used. Wanda explained that Feng Shui principles utilized in beauty care areas helps bring about an energetic transfer from the hands to the body.

Build a beautiful beauty and hair care work area that stimulates your visual senses and empowers you on all levels. Keep the entrance to your hair and beauty sanctuary completely uncluttered so that the energy can flow.

Your shampoo and styling stations should be positioned so that they feel relaxed and you don’t feel rushed or uncomfortable. The idea of focusing solely on creating a special beauty and hair experience is hard for many people to consider because of busy schedules and rushed timelines.

Make your space into a comfortable refuge where you feel completely pampered, relaxed and cared for. Use colorful candles or accent pieces to add beauty and warmth to your special treatment room. Select colors that feel good to you. Although blue is soothing, yellow is the color or acuity and red is the color of power.

Generate Proper Vitality

Life’s daily pressures take their toll wearing down mental, physical and emotional energies. Psychologists have discovered that the human mind has the ability to shape physical reality. If you focus on changing your mind you can change your life. Generating proper attitude and vitality will take you the last mile towards your goals.

Other ways to improve your beauty creation area is through the addition of natural elements such as water, aromas, full spectrum lighting, curved lines, and special protection from electro-magnetic energies.

Add any appropriate symbols that reflect your personal signature. Plants work well to bring chi energy. Lucky Bamboo is an excellent way to attract positive energy. For centuries, Asians have considered it to be a very lucky and positive symbol. While a seven stalk Bamboo promises overall health, twenty one stalks offer powerful all-purpose blessings.

Bring in anything that inspires you and reminds you what you are trying to accomplish. This can include photos of the hair you would love the have, special soothing music or other comforting tools. Use your time in your new sanctuary to stay relaxed, calm and in control.


Will applying Feng shui principles work for everyone and their appearance? Probably not. Can they help? Most definitely.

The specific purpose of creating luxurious locks and achieving new beauty goals coupled with a sense of newly created balance and vitality may definitely assist you in producing success. Adopting the key principles of Feng shui can get you started on your path to great hair and overall beauty.

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