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Famous Long Haired Beauty Profile: Portia De Rossi


PortiaDeRossi.jpg (5524 bytes)Portia De Rossi (aka Amanda Rodgers) is famous for her gorgeous long platinum blonde hair which currently falls somewhere between the middle of her back and her waist.

The 26 year old Portia is a great role model for professional women who want to maintain their gorgeous long locks but still look professional.

In her television role on Ally McBeal as a crackerjack attorney, Rossi plays a beautiful but definitely cool character. Portia spends most of her McBeal onscreen time in expensive classy suits with her Rapenzel-like hair tied up.

During her recent appearances as Nelle, her hair was coifed into a variety of updos. Her hairstyles ranged from simple sleek buns to more elaborate updos complete with knotted sections similar to Jennifer Anniston 's knotted do of last year.

PortiaHairbackT.jpg (3385 bytes)Timing is everything and Rossi's long, blonde, shiny hair is one of the most requested looks around. Females everywhere are clamoring for long and straight shiny locks just like Portia's.

The June 99 issue of Seventeen magazine further proved the point by including Portia in their list of the 100 best hairstyles.

In interviews that include questions about her hair, Portia mentions that she prefers a no fuss, long and loose look. She likes to let her hair down.

In the July 6, 1999 issue of Star Magazine Portia was quoted as saying that she gets deep-conditioning treatments every 10 days with Santa Monica salon owner Holly Jones. Portia also reported that she gets her ends trimmed every 6 weeks.

Although Portia cut her hair right after her debut acting appearance was ended in the movie Sirens, she felt almost immediate regret and told The Star that "I loved it for about three days. Hair has a certain power I was not aware of".

Based on her memories of that post Sirens haircut it is unlikely that Portia will be rushing off for another big cut any time in the future.

It is obvious that Portia takes very good care of her hair and the regular trimsPortiaPonytailT.jpg (3578 bytes) and conditioning treatments are a must for any one letting their hair grow long. This guarantees healthy hair that has the shine and glow that Portia has.

Whether Portia is wearing her hair in a beautifully sleek updo or long and soft against her back, her long hair is an inspiration for anyone trying to grow their hair.

Portia also proves that you can have long hair and still wear it up to do the professional deal.

As a girl growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Portia began a busy modeling career that started at age 11. It is ironic that Portia's original dreams did include being a lawyer. At 18 she was admitted to the University of Melbourne to study law.

Although Portia left school after just one year to play the blonde beauty in the movie, Sirens, she managed to hold onto some legal roots with her current television role on the very popular Ally McBeal.

Portia also played a beautiful blonde sorority sister in Scream 2 with straight long locks.

While Portia loves her long hair, she has been quoted in the past as saying that she does not want to be thought of as a dumb blonde.


Portia has done a lot for professional women that want to keep their beautiful long hair without sacrificing their careers. Portia's television attorney character demonstrates that sleek and businesslike updos work perfectly in the business world.

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