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Courteney Cox Arquette's Celeb Hair: Get The Dirt On Her Lush Locks


Courteney Cox All Rights Reserved

Courteney (with a double e) Cox was always considered the most stable of the famous Friend's characters.

As Monica she had a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) but she could alway be counted on as the strong one to bail her two friends, Phoebe and Rachel out of their latest messes.

Life imitates art and Courteney Cox (a Gemini born June 15, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama) has demonstrated that she is "the rock" for her family and friends.

Famous for helping her best pal Jennifer Aniston face a series of life's challenges, the brunette beauty is also hard working, driven and honest as the day is long.

Not one to rest on her past achievements, the dark haired beauty, wife to David Arquette an mom to Coco recently signed on as the star of Dirt, a show on FX about the seamy underside of the tabloids. Not content to just exercise her famous acting muscle, Court, as her friends call her, signed on as an executive co- producer as well.

Note: Dirt was cancelled at the end of the Spring 2008 season.

Naturally Beautiful Hair

Courteney Cox All Rights Reserved

It's true that looks can be conceiving and many celebrities look different without the hours of hair and make-up.

This is not the case of Courteney who is a stunning au natural beauty. How do I know? Her Dirt hairdresser just happens to be Robert Hallowell who has worked with on many celebrity hair stories over the past few years.

Although Robert is always extremely careful to honor all confidences about the celebrities he works with, he literally gushed with praise over Courteney's "super shiny, health and gorgeous dark brunette strands".

Robert also noted "for Courteney it is all about the cheekbones and the stunning eyes which just happen to be framed by shimmering dark chocolate brown tresses".

Besides having naturally beautiful tresses Courteney has worked with famed celebrity hairdresser Chris McMillan for many years and he has keep her famous strands in tip top shape.

Robert known as "Raw" or "Rawbert" (to all of us who love him) for his work developed hair products from raw ingredients - adores Courteney and is truly enjoying working with her on her new series (fingers crossed that it's a huge hit).

Although Raw or Rawbert is a seasoned vet of celebrity hairstyling for TV he noted “the challenges of working with a star like Courteney who is also the producer”. Because Courteney’s responsibilities are double that of a normal star, Robert’s tasks also multiplies as a result.

Steal Courteney's Look

Courteney Cox All Rights Reserved

Robert reported that Court is current "wearing her hair long with a slight texture (waves and curls) on the ends for her role on Dirt". He noted her hair is super healthy and shiny, shiny, shiny" but it definitely "offers some styling challenges".

Its nice to know that even celeb with fantastic hair have their own set of challenges which in Courteney's case is directly related to "shooting exterior night scenes" which can take a lot of time and "can ultimately impact the star's hair because of various atmospheric and environmental pressures.

As a result of this challenge Robert confessed he is "never eve without his portable butane curling iron available for "on the spot touchups" which help keep those luscious waves and curls in perfect arrangement.

Step By Step Instructions

Robert reported that Courteney has great hair that is basically medium in texture and type.

1. Start by washing your hair in lukewarm water with the shampoo appropriate for your hair's texture, type and current condition. Robert recommends his shampoo.

2. Rinse shampoo from the strands and unless your hair is fine or thin, apply a rinse-out conditioner.

Courteney Cox All Rights Reserved

3. Let the conditioner soak into your strands for up to 5 minutes. Rinse completely. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to add natural shine and close the cuticle.

4. Towel blot to remove excess water. Detangle hair gently from the ends to the roots. Utilize a light detangler spray if desired.

5. Apply a straightening balm from the top of the ears to the ends.

6. Separate your strands into individual sections approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches in width. Work around the head with the individual sections to get a straight finish. Direct air from the blow dryer down the shaft of the hair from the ends to the roots.

7. When hair is 100% dry use a curling iron to add a light curve to the ends. For a sleek finish, use a straightening iron on selected strands.

8. Finish with a shine serum or a spritz of hairspray.


Courteney Cox has spectacularly healthy hair that she enjoy wearing long with a slight wave or curl at the ends. The superstar also enjoys changing her look by wearing her strands stick straight.

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