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Introduction - Good Help Is Hard To Find

shelleyt.jpg (2852 bytes)Several weeks ago, I was in my hometown of Dallas, Texas, visiting family and friends. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to visit The Hair Boutique's official stylist, Shelley Pryor, while I was there.

Shelley has quite a few long haired clients, so I wanted to go to a stylist experienced with working with long hair.

l was full of excitement and anticipation as I drove north on Central Expressway to Plano, where Salon Michelle is located.

Salon Michelle was a laidback, unpretentious salon, and I felt at home there. Shelley introduced herself, and was very friendly.

I sat at her station, and Shelley carefully brushed my midback length hair with a Battalia brush.

She observed the condition of my hair, and said that it seemed to be in very good condition, except the ends seemed a little dry.

She explained that could even be due to traveling: with changes in climate and humidity, changes in water, or any other factor that may be different from home.

We made our way over to the shampoo bowl, and Shelley shampooed and conditioned my hair with Matrix Vital Nutrients products, which is what they had on the shampoo bar at the time.

That was a nice experience because I got to try a product that I had never tried before, and my hair seemed to respond to it well.

We went back to the station, and Shelley carefully picked my hair, utilizing a Efalock pick, which has polished teeth.

It was nice to see that she was so careful, as I have experienced stylists who are not careful during combing.

We decided to trim about one half inch off my ends. Shelley had me stand up and trimmed the back. Then she stood in front of me and had me turn my head to each side, while trimming the sides as well.

Shelley is the first stylist I have ever had who had me stand up while trimming my hair. Since I am six feet tall, I am sure that this better enabled her to create a very even trim.

Shelley then applied Matrix's Vavoom styling gel and blow-dried my hair straight. It looked very shiny and sleek.

We then chatted for a few minutes about the importance of vitamins for the hair, and how everything you put into your body ultimately affects your hair, positively or negatively.

We talked about Aveda Beautifying oil, and Shelley said that she likes all of the Aveda Oils.

I left the salon feeling positive about my hair, and excited that I got to have a long hair specialist work on my hair.

I felt an acceptance for both having long hair and keeping long hair.

I would recommend anyone interested in this kind of experience to consider making an appointment with Shelley if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

She can reached at Salon Michelle, Plano, Texas, (972) 516-4718.

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