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Kim Kardashian Hair Salon History

Introduction - Kim Kardashian Hair Salon History

Kim At Hair Salon Kim At Hair Salon

Now that Kim Kardashian has finally given birth to baby North with Kanye West, her post-pregnancy figure seems to be a major topic of celebrity media concern.

Of course as a hair aficionado, I'm more concerned with how Kim will handle her post-pregnancy hair challenges.  Will her hair shed drastically after her pregnancy hormones retreat?  Can we expect headlines about Kim losing her hair?

Will baby North accompany mom to her salon visits?  Or will baby North get her own stylist?  I have no doubt that Baby North's first haircut will be major news on the celebrity circuit.

Past Hair Salon History

For anyone who cares to know, can Goggle Kim Kardashian hair salon history topics and be entertained with her past hair care adventures.

The Daily Mail Online, which is a British media outlet, has done a fabulous job of reporting Kim Kardashian hair salon history.

Until her unexpected pregnancy grabbed headlines, how often she visited the salon was a major new topic.  As recently as December of 2012, Kim's three visits to the hair salon made the DailyMail headlines.

In one photo,  the salon where Kim's mane man Philip Wolff holds hair court is displayed.

When working in the salon, Wolff is found at Shades Natural Hair Color Studio at 144 S Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills (310) 275-4882 for appointments.

kimberly-kardashian_mrdc_556213_250h3 Kimberly Kardashian With Long Brunette Hair

Although Kim is known to favor Wolff, it should be noted that like most celebrities, Kim probably works with a variety of celebrity stylists depending upon her specific hair needs and scheduling issues.

While most celebs like Kim have a primary hair person, if they do a variety of things to their tresses like Kim, they may actually have a separate stylist who cuts their hair, a colorist and possibly a separate hair extension expert.

This is not uncommon in the Hollywood hair world.

Even when a celebrity has established a strong relationship with a hairstylist, timing can make it challenging at times to be exclusive.  Most celebs like Kim will have a primary stylist and a list of back-up stylists who can pinch hit in a hair emergency.

Multiple Hair Salon Visits

Is it unusual for a celebrity like Kim to visit the hair salon three times in one week?

Not really.  Some celebrities have their hair done on a daily basis.  What's unusual is that Kim is going to the salons and the stylists aren't visiting her location.  In Hollywood it's very common for celebrities to have in-house salons where hairstylists, make-up artists and nail tech visit them.

Five Hour Salon Visit

In August of 2012 The Daily Mail Online reported on Kim's five hour salon visit.  Is it unusual to spend 5 hours in a hair salon?

For the average person, this might be unusual, but not for a celebrity like Kim who often combines hair cuts and color with hot oil treatments along with manicures and pedicures.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian

In addition Kim visits salons for tanning applications, not to mention facials, massages and related body treatments.

Summary - Kim Kardashian Hair Salon History

Unlike some celebrities who prefer to keep the names of their stylists and salons secret, Kim is very generous with her praise for her mane man, his salon and her hair colorist.

When her hairstylist Philip Wolff left his previous salon and moved to Shades Salon, Kim posted the information along with a photo on her website.

She also praised Philip by saying "This week I went to visit my friend Philip Wolff and the new salon he is working at called Shades Salon! You may remember Philip, he was my secret weapon at Prive salon and honestly gives the best cuts and blow dries!!

The famous brunette added "If you’re in need of a hair transformation you should go check it out and ask for Philip."

Kim also praised her colorist by posting on her site "Shades Salon is the first and only “green” salon in LA and is known for its naturally based, non toxic, 100% ammonia free permanent hair color developed by Owner and colorist Susan Henry."

It seems when there's a slow news day, many media outlets are happy to focus on the latest events in the Kim Kardashian hair salon history.  That works for me since I love to know about her latest strand adventures.

Blog Dedication:  This blog is dedicated to Hunter for his unwavering love, support and encouragement.

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