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Celebrity Sisters & Their Tresses


Coco Chanel once said "in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

This sentiment seems so appropriate at the present time when the celebrity world is jam packed with famous sisters that are trying to establish their own identities.

(Image above of Wilson Phillips - 2004 - Left to Right, Carnie Wilson, Chynna Phillips & Wendy Wilson on June 8, 2004 - Jay Leno - NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater - All rights reserved).

Popular sister acts currently include The Olsons (Mary Kate & Ashley), The Simpsons (Jessica & Ashlee) The Hiltons (Paris & Nicky), The Spears (Britney & Lynn), The Lopez sisters (JLo & Linda), Beyonce and Solange, to name just a few of the power-packed duos. It also includes a trio of famous Wilson sisters (Venus & Serena, Carnie & Wendy, Ann & Nancy).

Anyone who has a sister, as I do, understands the mental, emotional and spiritual complexities that biological sisterhood imparts. One minute you love your sis to death and the next you want to claw her eyes out. Sisters are often each other's staunchest supporters, as we have witnessed with the celebrity sisters. (Image of Beyonce from the 2004 Grammy Awards - CBS - All rights reserved).

At the same time, sisters are fiercely competing for everything from parental love, to worldly success, fame and fortune.

Just like all the champion celebrity sisters, when my baby sister Mary and I are pulling together, we are like an unbeatable hit squad that can conquer just about anything we put our sister focused minds to. If we are fighting, watch out world.

Black & White Differences

Even though celeb megastars like Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, Paris and Nicky Hilton, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson have the world by their couture jacket tails, every one of them appears to crave their own identities as they alternate between sister solidarity and fierce competition in their chosen niches.

(Image of Jessica Simpson from the 2004 Pepsi Smash - Episode 202 - Photo Credit: The WB/Patrick Ecclesine - All rights reserved).

As each group of sisters is making their way to their own career crossroads, they are opting to embrace that important difference through their tresses.

And why not? Nothing makes a more dramatic personal statement than the color, length and ultimate style of your strands. Adopting an opposite hue creates an instant difference.

Although the media has been preoccupied with the recent dramatic brunette transformations of Mary-Kate Olson, Ashlee Simpson and Nicky Hilton, many other celebrity sisters have followed the same instant identify alternating path. In fact, even the three gorgeous make-believe sisters on The WB's Charmed alter their hair styles, colors and lengths to stand apart from each other.

Famous Sister Hue Histories

Think about it. As long as 20 years ago, legendary rock princesses Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart maintained important visual differences for their fans on stage with their polar opposite hair hues and lengths. While Ann was known for her bold blue-black strands, Nancy was adored for her soft vanilla blonde tones. (Image above of Wilson Phillips - 2004 - Left to Right, Wendy Wilson, Carnie Wilson, Chynna Phillips on May 28, 2004 - Good Morning America - ABC/ Stephanie Keith - All rights reserved).

The Dixie Chicks followed suit years later. Sister Chicks Emily Robison and Martie Maguire adopted drastically different hair colors, styles and lengths to stand apart. Although their Chick fans were shocked when a new, dark brunette hued Martie broke the band's all-blonde theme, it gave her an instant new identify.

Ironically, Carnie Wilson a brunette during her part of the original Wilson Phillips trio with her blonde sister Wendy, have completely switched tress places. For the newly resurrected trio Carnie is now a gorgeous baby blonde while sister Wendy is a milk chocolate brunette.

Other Differences

Although Mary Kate Olson and Ashlee Simpson are the current media darlings of abandoning their baby blonde halos for exotic brunette shades, they have also adopted other major differences ranging from their unique choices in fashion and accessories to significant differences in personal lifestyles.

(Image of Jessica Simpson from the 2004 Pepsi Smash - Episode 202 - Photo Credit: The WB/Patrick Ecclesine - All rights reserved).

Jessica Simpson and Ashley Olson are well-known for their glam-goddess fashion styles, spectacularly beautiful blonde hairstyles and girlie-girl images. Meanwhile, their sisters are marching to the beat of completely different drummers.

Not only have Ashlee Simpson and Mary-Kate Olson adopted the starkly original brunette hair colors, they both have veered 180% in their fashion styles, accessory choices and even career goals from their famous siblings.

Other Tress Differences

Venus and Serena Wilson have mixed it up with varying but opposite hair color shades ranging from blonde, brunette and shade of ruby red as well as adding dramatic hairstyle differences. Who can forget the various signature cornrows, elaborate twists and other styles that the sisters have adopted to stand out from each other?

Besides her creamy chocolate locks, Ashlee Simpson is favoring soft sultry bangs while big sis Jessica tends to wear her hair parted in the middle, which works fabulously with her gorgeous face.

Even Paris Hilton has made a splash with her famous Michelle Roy hair accessories that she wears everywhere. Meanwhile, sister Nicky is known for her purses, which she also happens to design. (Image above of Paris Hilton wearing Michelle Roy daisy - The Simple Life 2: Road Trip. Paris Hilton (L) and Nicole Richie (R). 2004 FOX - Cr: Sam Jones/FOX.

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