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How Jane Pratt Got Burned At J Sisters Salon In New York

As a reader of both Sassy and Jane magazines, I decided to stop by Jane Pratt's blog recently to see what she's been up to.  Jane, who has always been willing to share her life with her readers, had posted a blog which was upsetting, but based on one of her true life experiences.

Jane shared in detail about a trip she made to the famous J Sisters salon on 57th Street in New York City to have a Brazilian wax.

Not the Brazilian hair treatment for your tresses, but the other Brazilian where the majority, if not all, of your pubic hair is coated with hot wax and then literally ripped out of your skin.  J Sisters is famous because it's where Brazilian wax jobs were invented.

If the thought of waxing doesn't sound painful enough, what happened to Jane after she left the salon was unthinkable.

Although Jane had previously promoted the salon in Jane Magazine and on Jane Radio, she accidentally overheard the two front desk attendants talking about her in a very unkind way after she left the salon.

While Jane managed to avoid ingrown hairs, skin burns or a rash from her J Sisters trip, she did get eviscerated behind her back by two clueless J Sisters employees.   Not only did they incorrectly age her by about 15 years, they talked dirt about her appearance.

This whole experience of Jane's is just wrong in so many ways.  Unfortunately, it happens a lot more often than anyone might think.

For any salon or spa business owner what Jane Pratt experienced was unforgivable.  Whether the desk attendants were speaking with the highest praise or not, nothing should ever be said about any client at any time.  Not ever.  This is a mortal business sin and hopefully the desk attendants have been fired for their transgressions.

Even worse, Jane Pratt is a highly regarded and respected writer, editor, blogger and media personality.  Jane is famous for sharing the nitty gritty events of her life, no matter how painful, or raw.  That's one of the things I've always admired about her.  With Jane Pratt, what you see is what you get, foibles and all.

In my own life I have lived through similar experiences.  It's definitely awkward and hard to know exactly how to react, especially if the gossipping staffers discover I've heard them.

You know what they say, no good deed goes unpunished.  Which is another reason why the whole incident with J Sisters is especially sad.  In the past, Jane has promoted the J Sisters salon through Jane Magazine and Jane Radio.

As a business owner I can't begin to tell you how much a great recommendation by highly regarded media channels can help bring in new customers.

I don't know if I would have done a single thing differently than Jane did given the circumstances.

On one hand I might have weighed the pros and cons of going back into the salon and confronting the front desk clerks.  But then on the other hand, why would I want to stoop to their obvious lack of manners and proper business decorum.

I think Jane handled the incident perfectly.  She blogged in detail about what happened to her.  Hopefully her bad experience sends a message to the owners of J Sisters, as well as any other salon or spa, who have front desk staff with loose lips.

You know what they say....loose lips will sink business ships.

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