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Celebrity Hair Secrets: Phytoprogenium


Phyto - Phytoprogenium -  All hair types 6.7 fl oz

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Famous celebrities and their hairdressers have always shared the Phyto secret for Red Carpet Worthy tresses.

What is the Phyto Secret? Quite simply it's the fact that the Phyto company is the leader in creating the most leading edge hair care products in the known Universe.

Of course I can't speak for the hair care manufacturers on Mars (if indeed there are any) but in my known Universe I can vouch for Phyto.

I have been personally using their products for over ten years.

The latest "miracle" hair care creation from Phyto is Prognium.

This latest shampoo from Phyto is an effective active ingredient, protects the scalp's ecosystem and enhances hair's natural beauty by preserving the beneficial flora and reduces the presence of harmful germs. Phytoprogenium is also formulated with a natural, clarifying base which gently cleanses irritated and sensitive scalps providing fast-acting relief.

Hair and scalp is protected with each shampoo, leading the way to healthy, beautiful hair.

Phytoprogenium is a daily shampoo enriched with oat, almond milk and decoction of marshmallow root to gently soften, and antioxidant rich olive leaf extract to protect hair and scalp.

Pioneers in the field of hair care, the Phytosolba research Laboratories created a new intelligent active ingredient called Prognium.

This original ingredient effectively treats the scalp's ecosystem by preserving the beneficial flora (natural protective shield) and reduces the presence of harmful germs. A healthy scalp is essential for beautiful hair.

The scalp has a natural defense system comprise of hydrolipic film and cutaneous flora. Certain factors such as aggressive shampoos and environmental stresses can damage this protective barrier.

Phyto respects this natural shield which is essential for the hair's growth and beauty. Phyto has found that the Progeinum in Phyto shampoos is an effective and optimal treamtnet for balancing and protecting the scalp.

Phyto protects the environment by using lightweight, aluminium recyclable bottles that are unbreakable and easy to transport. PHYTO formulas are better preserved and respect the hair's ecology.

I also loved Uma in the scene with John Travolta in Be Cool when they were dancing. At that moment she seemed nothing like the Uma you might think you know. She wowed me again.

Uma Thurman 8th Annual Screen Actors Guild 03-10-02 All Rights Reserved

While there is always a lot of media buzz about Uma's private live, men and other madness, I really don't care. And apparently neither does Uma who has been quoted as saying if you just ignore the gossip it will go away.

I will admit to being obsessed with her hair over the years. Although I was not able to get my hands on the star during the period when she had coal black choppy hair, I have managed to include several of her famous "updo" styles.

Uma is one of those famous Hollywood beauties that appears to look good in just about any hair length, style or hue. Updos always seem to look graceful and elegant on Uma.

Celebrity Hairdresser Robert Hallowell once explained to me a major difference between big Hollywood stars like Uma and mere mortals is the neck.

Uma Thurman People And Places With No Names 03-19-02 All Rights Reserved

When Robert first told me about the neck factor I was amazed I'd never noticed it before.

I started paying attention and he was spot on. Some of the most gorgeous stars like Uma has long swanlike necks providing them with instant good hair day guarantees.

Of course Uma has help looking spectacular from her long time Celebrity Hairdresser Laurent D and her makeup expert.

If you look at Uma's recent hair evolution working backwards from her appearance at the 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar Party you will see Uma's was perfectly coiffed in a soft chignon with an artfully tousled quiff near the front of her gorgeous face.

If you look closely at the quiff you can

almost see where fingers were carefully use to lift and separate the strands giving the look a slightly messy but definitely elegant finish. To achieve the height in the front, the hair would have been backcombed. And yes, the style is perfect for her swan neck.

For her appearance at the 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Uma wore her soft vanilla blonde strands loosely pinned into a soft chignon with an artfully tousled quiff near the front of her gorgeous face.


Of course it doesn't hurt that Uma Thurman is drop dead gorgeous with a graceful long neck, beautiful skin and eyes and a face like Helen of Troy. However one of her best hair secrets if the fact that she is a long time client of the fabulous Laurent DuFourg (Laurent D).

For an appointment with this hair master you can visit him at his Priv Salon (click here to find phone and contact info) in Los Angeles or New York. Laurent travels between the two cities every week depending on which celebrity clients he is working with at the time.

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